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Dodge Ram 1500

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As a whole, the Dodge Ram 150/1500 truck series is best known for its rugged personality. While other companies produced full-sized pickup trucks with the intent to impress the public with their over the top good looks and specialized packages such of off road and luxury designs, Dodge tried to stay true to what a truck is supposed to be in its simplest form, while making the Ram 150/1500 line a diverse group of trucks. Especially after the Ram's redesign in 1991, no one could claim this vehicle didn't have plenty of attractive features and comfort to go along with its firm suspension system and overall useful demeanor.


Right along with the American public's love of cars come a love for larger than life trucks as well. Especially in the areas where farming, animal husbandry, and rural life take the main focus, trucks are invaluable pieces of equipment. That isn't to say pickup trucks don't have other uses. They are equally at home as commercial vehicles and are regularly used on construction sites and the like. Of course, no one can overlook their appeal simply as commute vehicles known for their style and long list of features and amenities.

Dodge chose to end the Ram 150/1500 incarnation in the 2011 model year. The following year, the Ram still existed, but under a completely new Ram badge. For the 2011 year, the Ram 150/1500 featured many of the characteristics it had enjoyed in the preceding several years. This particular model was equipped with plenty of options for consumers to consider. For example, the truck was offered in a total of five trim levels. The levels started with the base ST, and moved to the SLT, TRX, Sport, and the high end Laramie. In addition to the various trim levels, the truck was offered with no fewer than three cab configuration options and three bed lengths as well. To keep the options open, Dodge made the Ram series in rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.


Few pickup trucks have gotten the attention of the automotive market quite like the Dodge Ram 150/1500 series. The first trucks carrying the Ram name appeared on the market in the 1981 market year. These trucks were considered to be a fast improvement over Dodge's older truck lines since the Ram was lighter in weight, featured improved rust resistant sheet metal bodies, and had quite an impact in terms of aggressive styling as well as assertive driving mechanics.

It is relatively impossible to think of the Dodge Ram line and not think about the sheer size of these trucks. They are classified as full-sized trucks and fall solidly into the half ton side of things, especially for the 1500. Along with other features, the weight and size of the Ram 150/1500 helped to put it on the map for anyone looking for a solid, dependable pickup truck.


Under the hood, the workhorse of the truck world sported a 3.7-liter, V-6 engine capable of 215 hp as well as the option of a 4.7-liter V-8 that gave up 310 hp. The final option for engines for this truck was the 5.7-liter, Hemi, V-8 engine. The Hemi provided 390 hp. Without a doubt, these engine choices helped to give the Ram 150/1500 its good name, but there is simply no way to leave out the high tuned suspension system that kept nice and comfortable in the cabin even on rough terrain.


The first generation of the Dodge Ram made its debut in the 1981 model year. The new line focused on the improvements Dodge made including offering a variety of cab configurations for the first time as well as stronger, more rust resistant sheet metal, and different bed styles. The Utiline bed design offered a blast from the past with its narrow bed and separate rear fender pods. The Sweptline bed design had a more modern feel.

Over the years after its introduction, the Dodge Ram kept up appearances until the advent of the second generation in 1993. The updates for the truck included new safety features such as a driver side airbag and four-wheel antilock brakes. This new generation also gave the Ram improved interior features such as a center console large enough to store a laptop or files. This generation continued with the Ram tradition of offering a variety of options for cabin configuration and engine choices.