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Christian Lee | Writer
Posted February 1, 2003

RCAA Crawls in to 2003
After an exciting 2002 season, the Rock Crawlers Association of America (RCAA) is gearing up for an even more intense succession of events in 2003. The 2002 Goodyear/Skyjacker Extreme Rock Crawling National Series came to a close September 19-21 in Johnson Valley, California, where Mike Shaffer and Lance Clifford were presented with the First Place Goodyear Cup for their Series win. Second Place went to John and Kip Gilliland, and Third to Joel Randall and Mike Vokoun.

Paying out more than twice the amount of what was paid the previous season, RCAA, along with its supporting sponsors, presented a grand total of $85,000 in purse alone at the Johnson Valley event, and more than $380,000 throughout the 2002 season in contingency monies and RCAA's purse and giveaways. 2002 sponsors for the event included Goodyear, Skyjacker, Summit Racing, Advance Adapters, Warn Industries, Currie Enterprises, Tuffy Security Products, JP Offroad, Teraflex, Trailready, and Genuine Steel. The 2003 series kicks off April 10-12 in Reno.

April 10-12 Reno, NV
May 22-24 TBA
July 10-12 Cedar City, UT
October 4-11 Farmington, NM

Avalanche Ranch
Randy's On The Move
In an effort to better serve its expanding customer base, Randy's Ring & Pinion in Everett, Washington, is moving from its 15,000-square-foot building to a larger 58,000-square-foot facility just a few blocks down the street. The company had resided in its previous location for 20 years. The new address is: 10411 Airport Rd. Ste. 200, Everett, WA 98204. Randy's Ring & Pinion can still be reached at the same phone number at (800) 291-1360, and accessed online at

CA4WDC to Form SUV Alliance
Founded in 1959 for the advancement of vehicle oriented outdoor recreation, the California Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs is taking steps to further recognize the expanding segment of sport utility vehicle (SUV) owners. While four-wheel-drive SUV owners are already welcome to join existing 4x4 clubs, many are hesitant because of the extreme nature of the vehicles and the trails themselves. In most cases, SUVs are purchased as a primary means of transportation for families and individuals hoping to also use it for weekend recreation. This means that snapping axle shafts or blowing hubs on hard-core trails isn't an option. The Association has already begun actively recruiting SUV and four-wheel-drive pickup truck owners and organizing clubs throughout the state.

According to CA4WDC Executive Director Jack Raudy, the Association already operates three 4x4 hands-on safety clinics that are geared toward beginning drivers. "We know that many SUV owners want to take their vehicles off the highway for hunting, fishing, camping, or just sight seeing," Raudy stated, "and we encourage them to attend one of our clinics and then consider joining one of our clubs." In addition to the 4x4 safety clinics, the Association also offers several one and two-day scenic and historical trips throughout California, including trips through the Lost Coast Adventure, which tours the Redwoods and the Panamint Valley Days SUV trip held in SoCal. For more information about joining the Association or becoming involved in an SUV club, contact the CA4WDC at (800) 4X4-FUNN or via its Web site at

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