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While Trophy Trucks and Protrucks are purpose-built racing machines, Class 8 trucks share something in common with that fullsize pickup that's in your driveway: the framerails. Built using a stock fullsize pickup truck as a starting point, Class 8 trucks have been around for decades. The latest suspension technology is not lost on SCORE's "heavy metal" class contenders. Dave Sykes' Chevy Silverado takes advantage of center-mounted front control arms, a four-link rear suspension, and coilover and bypass shock combinations. Sykes, who teams up with Dave Westhem and Tony MacCormack, took number 805 through the Southern Nevada desert at an average speed of 54 mph. If you doubt that's fast, consider this: The course included deep, rolling whoops; washouts; rocks; and dust. Carrying speed through such terrain requires long-travel suspension, a healthy engine, and an even healthier dose of bravado. If you're still not impressed, Sykes's average speed was only slightly off the Herbst brothers' winning average of 63 mph. Truck number 805 won Class 8 and came in 15th overall.