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Five short years ago, Josh Klenske was watching the racing action from the sidelines. "I'm going to do this," Josh told his brother. "Yeah, right!" came the reply. Josh paid no heed to the lukewarm response and signed up for a five-week welding class. Upon completing the class, Josh purchased a Millermatic 210 MIG welder and began laying down beads on chassis tubing. "I'm a budget racer," he added. "I still sweat the house payment, just like everybody else." Josh bought his Kawasaki-Green Ford F-150 already fabricated, but has changed "nearly everything" to suit his need for Class 8 speed and success. At the end of the Laughlin Desert Challenge, Josh laid claim to Class 8's Second Place. Anything else, Josh? "I'm the success story for all these prerunner guys." Congratulations, Josh, on a truck that's well built and well driven.