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During last season's SCORE San Felipe 250, Rodd Fantelli's truck was bumped from behind ("nerfed"), flipped onto its side, and burned to the ground. Anyone who has invested paychecks and sweat into a truck, whether for racing or not, felt sympathy pains watching the Nissan go up in flames. Rodd showed resilience by building this sano Class 8 Ford F-150. The chassis was willing, but the powerplant was fresh from a buildup. So fresh, in fact, that the only time the motor had run was to pull the race truck onto Rodd's trailer. "(On Saturday) the motor was running too lean, so we pulled off the track," reported Rodd. "We're going to see how it runs today. We'll use the first lap as a pre-run, and continue with the race if things go well." Fantelli Motorsports had to park its Class 8 Ford with a DNF at Laughlin, but will be ready for San Felipe with a race-ready motor in the chassis.