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Front Passenger Side View

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Since Dave Westhem's Class 8 Chevy Silverado looks so pristine, unsuspect-ing onlookers might believe it's a freshly fabricated entry. Not so, however -- No. 800 has been in action several seasons to date. Stripped of its fiberglass facade, the guts of a winning Class 8 truck are revealed. Per SCORE rules, a stock grille assembly is retained as are the stock framerails, but it's all modifications from there. The driver and passenger are shrouded from flying rocks and smaller race vehicles inside a metal-skinned compartment. Custom headers snake their way around coilover and bypass shocks, past the door area, and finally exit through a notch in the fiberglass bedsides. High-tech hydraulic bumpstops are anchored above extended suspension control arms, and a low-tech shovel rests in custom mounts just in case two-wheel drive fails to provide forward locomotion. If you want to build a successful Class 8 truck, consider this your blueprint.