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GeoStash Contest - May 2006

March Winner
Kevin McNulty | Writer
Posted November 13, 2006

Giving It All Away For Adventure

The GeoStash marker for March was found as quickly as the magazine was pushed out the printer's door. Jack Van Schenck and Tim Hawkins from Tulsa, Oklahoma, found the coordinates in the magazine and hit the trail a few hours later. This was the fastest find to date, especially since the marker was stashed deep in New Mexico territory. You guys didn't break the speed limit did you?

This is the seventh month of the GeoStash contest, and we have received some great stories from GeoStash contest participants out on the trail. From those readers who have been unable to get out on the trail, we've also been hearing that they are having a great time with their families looking for the coordinates hidden in the magazine.

Marker #1
Jeff Law and Ron Williams of San Diego, CaliforniaMarker #2Douglas Horne and sons of Hurricane, UtahMarker #3Marc and Marvin White of Topeka, Kansas Marker #4John DiFillippo of Middleport, PennsylvaniaMarker #5Jack Van Schenk and Tim Hawkins of Tulsa, Oklahoma

The prize for May '06 is a gift certificate for four Nitro or Hydro shocks from Skyjacker (

Starting this month, I'm going to start listing the locations and page numbers where the coordinates had been hidden in the previous months' issues.

John DiFillippo of Middleport, Pennsylvania, has found the February GeoStash marker since the last issue and won an awesome Team Yellow Power Tank system from Advanced Air Systems Inc. John braved the cold weather and snow to find the marker hidden in a rock pile at Paragon Adventure Park in Hazelton, Pennsylvania.

November 2005 Page 74. 116 52.569W - Speaker hole, upper righthand corner of page.Page 86. 34 18.253N - Under "Toyota 8-inch," below "Available gearsets."

December 2005Page 84. 37 00.013N - Located on the spray can, upper righthand corner.113 17.917W - This coordinate was listed on GeoStash webpage.

January 2006 Page 6. 096 44.406W - Located in the cover photo, Table of Contents.Page 66. 39 24.052N - Bottom of page, in the black border.

February 2006 Page 46. 076 04.210W - Upper right of the page, corner photo.Page 60. 40 54.415N - Lower righthand photo, lower portion of the hood.

March 2006 Page 14. 34 06.172N - Located after the contact info for Currie Enterprises.Page 86. 106 49.198W - Located in the photography credit, top of page.


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