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GeoStash Contest - July 2006

Marker Plate
Kevin McNulty | Writer
Posted November 1, 2006

Giving It All Away For Adventure

This is the tenth month of the GeoStash contest with only two more months to go for the year. The staff here at 4 WHEEL DRIVE & SPORT UTILITY MAGAZINE has been having a great time with the contest. The feedback and participation have been phenomenal.

The most recent winner of GeoStash is Chad Holland of Yucca Valley, California. He found the May '06 marker and has won a set of Skyjacker shocks. Here is Chad's tale:

"My friend and I found the coordinates at about 7:00 p.m. and decided to go ahead and go for it in the dark. Both of us were familiar with the area from past hunting trips. We got to within about a half-mile of it in the truck and hiked the rest of the way. We spent about 15 minutes searching on and around the boulders then found it in a large crack. It was a great time. Thanks for the fun."

The GeoStash prize for July '06 is a set of eXTREME Rings from Superlift Suspension Systems. They are available for just about any Dana, GM, Corporate, Dodge, or Ford differential. The eXTREME Ring differential protector is constructed entirely of laser-cut, 1-inch steel plate for strength and an exact fit. The ring reinforces the seal area while providing valuable front and rear differential cover protection. For durability, the rings are finished in yellow/gold zinc chromate. For more information on Superlift's products, check out:

Marker #7
Chad Holland of Yucca Valley, California
Marker #6
Michael Palmer of Keesler AFB, Biloxi, Mississippi
Marker #5
Jack Van Schenk and Tim Hawkins of Tulsa, Oklahoma
Marker #4
John DiFillippo of Middleport, Pennsylvania
Marker #3
Marc and Marvin White of Topeka, Kansas
Marker #2
Douglas Horne and sons of Hurricane, Utah
Marker #1
Jeff Law and Ron Williams of San Diego, California

Please read the detailed instructions and rules below regarding the GeoStash contest. Remember that it is very important you check our website ( to see if the current GeoStash marker has been found.

November 2005
Page 74. 116 52.569W - Speaker hole, upper righthand corner of page.Page 86. 34 18.253N - Under "Toyota 8-inch," below "Available gearsets."

December 2005
Page 84. 37 00.013N - Located on the spray can, upper righthand corner.113 17.917W - This coordinate was listed on GeoStash webpage.

January 2006
Page 6. 096 44.406W - Located in the cover photo, Table of Contents.Page 66. 39 24.052N - Bottom of page, in the black border.

February 2006
Page 46. 076 04.210W - Upper right of the page, corner photo.Page 60. 40 54.415N - Lower righthand photo, lower portion of the hood.

March 2006
Page 14. 34 06.172N - Located after the contact info for Currie Enterprises.Page 86. 106 49.198W - Located in the photography credit, top of page.

April 2006
Page 62. 33 41.801N - Located under "Recovery."Page 70. 086 53.511W - Located on tire, middle photo.

May 2006
Page 67. 116 32.971W - Under transfer case.Page 73. 34 15.468N - Second photo down, lefthand column.


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