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US National Parks - Four-Wheelin' Parks

Off Road Parks
Posted July 1, 2006

Private Lands For Public Use

There is nothing better than finding a great place to wheel with your buddies. A place that will challenge you at all levels. All over the U.S., national parks are closing more and more areas to off-road vehicles each year. Unfortunately, most of the time there is nothing we can do about this except find a new place to go. However, throughout the states there are numerous off-road parks purposely dedicated to what we all love to do - wheel. These parks are open and geared for everything from the family weekend getaway to the bash 'em up, beat 'em up hard-core rockcrawling expedition. The main thing we can do to make sure these parks remain open is remember to tread lightly! We picked out a few places we want our readers to check out and experience the fun these OHV-designated areas have to offer.

Badlands Off Road Park
Attica, Indiana
About: Ever since Troy Myers was a boy, he dreamed of having his own private dirt playground. Troy's father owned and operated a motorcycle shop, so much of Troy's childhood revolved around riding. In 1995, he made his dream come true, purchasing an old gravel quarry in Attica, and Badlands was born. Having ridden in the area as a boy, Troy knew that it would be a great place for riders of all ages and skill levels. As the park grew, Troy and his wife purchased more land. Badlands is well known for offering some of the best trails in the country for beginning to advanced wheeling. The park has also become a trailhead for various off-road events throughout the year.

Acreage: 745 and growing
Number of Trails: Countless entry-level through advanced levels
Restroom Facilities: Yes
Camping Facilities: No, but the Attica Family Campground is located nearby. For reservations, call (765) 762-6189.Admission: $15 per day, $20 for consecutive two-day passes; 13 years of age and under, $10 per day (add $5 per extra day)

The Cliffs Insane Terrain
Marseilles, Illinois
About: The Cliffs Insane Terrain has been open since 2004. It offers all levels of wheeling trails, including fields, creek beds, streams, and heavily wooded areas for both four-wheel-drive vehicles and ATVs. The capable park staff is also fully equipped for safety and emergency situations, should the need arise.

Acreage: 350
Number of Trails: 30+ with plans for a rockclimb and bog
Restroom Facilities: Yes
Camping Facilities: No, but campgrounds are 2 miles from the park
Admission: $22 per day per vehicle; $5 for each additional passenger

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