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GeoStash Contest - September 2006

Marker Plate
Kevin McNulty | Writer
Posted December 20, 2006

Giving It All Away For Adventure

We are into the last month of the GeoStash contest for the 2005/2006 season, and we're ready to start another new and exciting year of the contest. The staff here at 4 WHEEL DRIVE & SPORT UTILITY cannot believe it has been a year since the start of the monthly contest.

At the writing of this issue, the August '06 issue has not hit the newsstands yet. As always, keep an eye on 4WD&SU's website for an update on the marker.

The last prize for the 2005/2006 GeoStash contest is an Airaid intake system for a Jeep Wrangler. Airaid Premium Filter Company has found a way to unleash some of the 4.0L's hidden horsepower and torque with the development of a new Cool Air Dam intake for the '97-'05 Jeep Wrangler (this fitment includes the Unlimited and Rubicon models). Airaid's Cool Air Dam system for the 4.0L TJ features a full-length intake tube and a Cool Air Dam computer-designed to isolate engine heat from the air inlet. The heart of the system is Airaid's premium SynthaFlow filter that that allows for both maximum airflow and filtration, down to 2 microns. The end results are improved engine breathing and throttle response and an additional 11 hp and 14 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheels.

MISSING - the July '06 marker! I was hoping I wouldn't ever have to write this, but it seems the stainless marker has vanished from its hiding place without a trace. This revelation is truly surprising. I received a call from Steve Johnson of Great Falls, Montana, in which he detailed his search of the location indicated by the coordinates and related his unsuccesful attempt to find the marker. The very next day, I sent my contact in the area (the person who planted the marker) out to see if the marker was still in its resting spot. Apparently, it has indeed vanished. My contact told me there was one very fresh set of tracks to the missing marker's coordinates, and that was it.

I know I am going to take some flak for this, but this one and only time I am going to give the marker to a person I feel was honestly at the location of the missing marker, Steve Johnson. Being the good detective I am, I had my contact verify the pattern of tire tracks when he went out. From here on out though, the marker must be redeemed to win any prizes, or the prize will go to a 4x4 club of my choosing for a club raffle, as stated in the rules.

Please read the detailed instructions and rules below regarding the GeoStash contest. Remember that it is very important you check our website ( to see if the current GeoStash marker has been found.

November '05 Page 74. 116 52.569W - Speaker hole, upper righthand corner of page.Page 86. 34 18.253N - Under "Toyota 8-inch," below "Available gearsets."

December '05 Page 84. 37 00.013N - Located on the spray can, upper righthand corner.113 17.917W - This coordinate was listed on GeoStash webpage.

January '06Page 6. 096 44.406W - Located in the cover photo, Table of Contents.Page 66. 39 24.052N - Bottom of page, in the black border.

February '06Page 46. 076 04.210W - Upper right of the page, corner photo.Page 60. 40 54.415N - Lower righthand photo, lower portion of the hood.

March '06 Page 14. 34 06.172N - Located after the contact info for Currie Enterprises.Page 86. 106 49.198W - Located in the photography credit, top of page.

April '06 Page 62. 33 41.801N - Located under "Recovery."Page 70. 086 53.511W - Located on tire, middle photo.

May '06Page 67. 116 32.971W - Under transfer case.Page 73. 34 15.468N - Second photo down, lefthand column.

June '06 Page 42. 41 56.79N - Upper righthand corner of page.Page 94. 84 58.59W - Bottom left of Ultra Wheel photo.

July '06 Page 66. 48 31.401N - Lower righthand corner photo.Page 89. 114 08.456W - Bottom image, clocking ring.


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