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Kevin Knight was one of 28 sportsman prerunners (1450 class) to enter the MDR Mojave 250 and one of 15 to cross the finish line. It didn't come easily. The G.K.R. Ranger's lap times tell the story. Lap one went well; the team didn't push the truck too hard. Races aren't won during the first lap. Tough times struck in the opening miles of lap two when the ball joints parted ways with one of the Ranger's I-beams. New ball joints were pressed into place, but the truck was now running poorly on only five cylinders. A broken spark plug turned out to be the culprit, and the motor regained its former strength with a simple spark plug swap. Where lap one had taken just over an hour, the second lap gobbled up three and a quarter hours of the race's eight-hour time limit. Luckily, laps three and four rolled by at a good pace with no more major trouble. The checkered flag is a beautiful thing.