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Gone Moab 2006 - Nissan Four-Wheeler Event

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Mike House | Writer
Posted December 26, 2006
Photographers: Trent Riddle, Jack Kindel

Nissan Owners Make The Pilgrimage To Four-Wheeling's Mecca

If you don't already know, Moab is a mecca for four-wheelers. Everyone should make a pilgrimage to this red-rock heaven at least once in his lifetime. Most enthusiasts will return year after year once they've experienced Moab's challenging trails and spectacular views. Moab is such a great place to enjoy the Southwestern outback that vehicle owners can find brand-specific events for just about any type of 4x4, and Nissan owners are no exception.

Doug Richards, one of goneMOAB's event coordinators, enjoys hitting the trails in his '02 Nissan Xterra. Doug has outfitted his Xterra with ultralow Calmini T-case gears, custom suspension, sliders, and front and rear bumpers. Both differentials are fitted with 4.88 gears and ARB Air Lockers. Doug selected 33x12.5R15 Goodyear MT/R tires. This Nissan performs well on the trail and the street.

GoneMOAB was started in 2002 as a way for Nissan truck and SUV owners to experience some of the best four-wheeling in the world. While this event began modestly enough, it has since become the premier off-road and outdoor-experience event for Nissan owners. goneMOAB has grown to include other outdoor activities, but four-wheeling is still the main focus - this is Moab after all.

The event offers something for everyone. Trails are broken down into four different color-coded groups which are based on level of trail difficulty, driver experience, extent of vehicle modifications, and the trail's scenic value (although it's tough to get a bad view in Moab).

If you haven't visited or wheeled Moab, we highly recommend a trip. It is perhaps one of last great places people can drive their 4x4s off-highway on some of this country's most spectacular trails. Each year, conservation extremists try their best to keep law-abiding and responsible enthusiasts out of the area. So visit Moab while you can and get involved in our right to four-wheel on public lands.

The annual event is an ongoing tradition, and the 2007 goneMOAB adventure will take place May 20 through May 25. goneMOAB is organized and overseen by an all-volunteer staff, so appreciate their dedication and give them some help if you would like to for the 2007 event.

For information on the 2007 goneMOAB event, visit


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