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May 2007 Map Detective Contest

Posted in Events on May 1, 2007
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So you still haven't been the first to submit an answer for our Map Detective contest? What are you waiting for? Before we tell you how many clues you'll need to find this month, we want to thank everyone who has sent in answers. We've been receiving hundreds of responses every month! In case this is your first attempt to become a Map Detective, read on for a quick recap of the rules.

Each month we will share with you a partial section to a topographic map that locates a national park, body of water, trail system, mountain range, or another outdoor destination somewhere in the continental United States. The secret location can only be discovered by looking for clues in the magazine. We will be hiding a select number of words within the pages of each issue that will give you clues revealing the secret location. We will inform you every month how many words you need to be searching for. Should your detective and mapping skills help you locate the destination, send an e-mail with your answer to, and if you are the first with the correct answer, you win! Each month of Map Detective (12 months) has a specified start date and end date. These dates are listed on 4WD&SU's website. Answers received before those dates will not be considered. The first participant to e-mail the correct answer after any specified start date for that month will win. Complete rules for this contest can be found at

This month you will be searching the magazine for 10 separate clues. These words or phrases will stand out from normal text in a different color and bold-faced type. They can be found anywhere on any page except for within an advertisement. These words can either form a sentence or be separate descriptive words providing distinctive clues. You will need to do your best Sherlock Holmes impression in order to reveal the location. Check out the map on this page, and good luck!

For more information on online topographical mapping, visit

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