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A Guide To Restaurants, Hotels, Motels, And Emergency Services - Moab Directory

Rock Wall
4WD & SU Staff | Writer
Posted May 1, 2007
Contributors: Holly Williams

Moab Survival Guide

RestaurantsBa-Ba-Q's Ribs and More812 S. Main St., Unit B(435) 259-9922

Banditos Grill467 N. Main St.(435) 649-7337

Bar-M ChuckwagonN. Hwy. 191 (7 miles north of Moab)(435) 259-2276

Branding Iron2971 S. Hwy 191(435) 259-6275

Breakfast at Tiffany's90 E. Center(435) 259-2553

Broken Oar/Marianne's Bakery53 W. 400 N.(435) 259-1002

Buck's Grill House1393 N. Hwy. 191(435) 259-5201

Canyonlands by Night and Day1861 N. Hwy. 191(435) 259-5261

Center Caf60 N. 100 W.(435) 259-4295

Denny's989 N. Hwy. 191(435) 259-8839

Desert Bistro92 E. Center St.(435) 259-0756

Domino's Pizza812 S. Main St., Unit A(435) 259-0101

Eddie McStiff's Brew Pub57 S. Main St.(435) 259-2337

EklectiCafe352 N. Main St.(435) 259-6896

Fiesta Mexicana202 S. Main St.(435) 259-4366

Hogi Yogi/Teriyaki Stix396 S. Main St.(435) 259-2656

Isabella's Pizzeria471 S. Main St.(435) 259-6446

Jailhouse Caf101 N. Main St.(435) 259-3900

Knave of Hearts Bakery84 W. 200 N.(435) 259-4116

La Hacienda574 N. Main St.(435) 259-6319

Los Tres Amigos84 W. 200 N.(435) 259-8777

McDonald's640 S. Main St.(435) 259-8800

Miguel's Baja Grill51 N. Main St.(435) 259-6546

Milt's Stop & Eat356 Millcreek Dr.(435) 259-7424

Moab Brewery686 S. Main St.(435) 259-6333

Moab Diner189 S. Main St.(435) 259-4006

Mondo Caf59 S. Main St., Ste. 6(435) 259-5551

Pasta Jay's4 S. Main St.(435) 259-2900

Peace Tree Juice Caf20 S. Main St.(435) 259-8503

Pizza Hut265 S. Main St.(435) 259-6345

Poplar Place Pub & Eatery100 N. Main St.(435) 259-6018

Red Rock Bakery & Net Caf74 S. Main St.(435) 259-5941

Red Cliffs Lodge15 miles east of Moab on Hwy. 128(435) 259-2002

The Rio Sports Bar & Grill2 S. 100 W.(435) 259-6666

Slickrock Caf5 N. Main St.(435) 259-8004

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