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Gloppy Fun At Muddy Run - Off-Road Events

Posted in Events on April 12, 2007
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Contributors: C. Jay Lewis

Four times a year, the roar of high-horsepower engines preparing for a weekend's event awakens the quiet community of Smoke Run, Pennsylvania. Centrally located in the hills of Pennsylvania, Muddy Run Raceway (MRR) is one of PA's most extreme 4x4 obstacle courses. Think extreme Tough Truck racing in the mud - deep mud.

From the well-groomed facilities, a spectacular view of the track and the mountains of central Pennsylvania greets first-time spectators and participants. Several acres of hillside viewing areas allow visitors to enjoy the day's events in a family atmosphere. Many of the seasoned race fans show up early to set up their tailgate parties. Others make a weekend of it by taking advantage of the overnight camping allowed on the premises.

Pam Renwick (center) from Make-A-Wish of Greater PA and Southern West Virginia Inc. accepts a check from track owner/operator C. Jay Lewis (left) and track official Joe Reams (right). In 2006, MRR crew, racers, and fans raised over $5,000 for Make-A-Wish children, bringing the total for four years to over $22,000.

Opened in 1990, MRR gave local guys and gals a place to race their trucks under extreme conditions against the Protrucks that came in from other areas. Many local racers have excelled and moved from stock trucks to highly modified vehicles. Now trucks come in from other areas to challenge these local champions.

With six classes of trucks, there is a place for almost any vehicle.To take home trophies and prize monies, drivers test their trucks on the 1/2-mile obstacle course that features hairpin turns, table-top jumps, long straight stretches, and several water hazards. Spectators are never disappointed with the thunderous splash as trucks crash into the infamous "Front Hole." It's where the brave fly and the others fail. When a race truck does fail, the track crew quickly retrieves the vehicle to get it back to the pits. Once there, members from multiple race teams will converge on a truck with tools and parts and help to get their competition back onto the track before the next event.

Other events include the ATVs, the hillclimb, and the Good Ol' Boys.ATVs of all kinds compete around the same track that the trucks use. The mud is so deep that riders become unrecognizable after the first time through.The Good Ol' Boys is a 2WD car class that runs a modified version of the obstacle course done five laps demolition-derby style in the mud.The hillclimb is a very deceiving 75-foot climb up. Completing the climb is made more difficult thanks to sawdust dumped on the top. Add to that a soft approach and a narrow landing area at the top, and it is not for wimps.Those who attempt the hill for the first time almost always make statements such as "d*#&, that's steep!" or "that didn't look that bad from here!"

For some, MRR offers a place to test a truck for bragging rights; for others, it's the culmination of nights spent working on project trucks, attempting to make them faster and better than before. For the spectators, it's time with family and friends watching a unique style of racing and cheering for their favorites that make a visit worthwhile.

Muddy Run's 2007 summer race series is gearing up to commence in May. Check out the website for news, race schedule, rules, photos, and more.

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Muddy Run Raceway

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