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Geo Stash II Contest - July 2007

Posted in Events on May 4, 2007
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Photographers: Manufacturers & Participants

If you are picking up this magazine for the first time, somewhere in the pages of 4 Wheel Drive & Sport Utility each month are hidden GPS coordinates. These coordinates pinpoint a location somewhere in the continental U.S. A stainless steel plate ("marker") laser-cut with the magazine's title and my phone number can be found there. The marker is about the size of a vehicle's license plate. When it is found and redeemed, the lucky enthusiast wins a very cool prize. These prizes will range from products donated by our advertisers and manufacturers to 4WD&SU magazine apparel and subscriptions.

The GPS coordinates in the magazine can be hidden just about anywhere. The coordinates will be divided in two parts - north and west - and hidden in the magazine's text or ghost-imaged somewhere on a photograph. The coordinates will not be hidden in or on any advertising. Finding the marker on the trail will require use of four-wheel drive and some hiking. We'll keep it safe, so don't worry - you won't have to rappel off the sides of any cliffs. The stainless steel marker may be placed behind trees, between rocks, or under something, but it will not be completely buried. If you have a GPS with WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) it should get you to within 3 to 9 feet of the marker.

GeoStash Coordinate
Locations in the Magazine
June '07
Not yet found. Check for updates.

May '07
Page 80. 39 39.044N - On the right side of the top photo.
Page 83. 105 42.454W - Top right corner.

April '07
Page 46. 36 22.979N - In the photo at center right.
Page 88. 114 41.053W - Bottom right, in sources box.

March '07
Page 50. 111 13.781W. - In the upper righthand corner of the page.
Page 52. 33 11.955N. - Center column under the first product.

The GeoStash winner for May '07 is Steven Dutton of Westminster, Colorado. He has won a nifty set of tube doors for his TJ from Jeeperman. Here is Steven's story:

"I found the coordinates in the magazine at 7 p.m. and convinced a friend to head into the mountains with me after dark to locate the marker. I knew the area above Georgetown, Colorado, and was concerned that there might be a lot of snow at 9,000 feet, so we threw some shovels and snowshoes into the Jeep for the adventure. We found the site easily, and I knew we were the first ones there because there were no tracks in the snow. We poked around and dug a few holes in 4 feet of snow for several hours before giving up for the night. I returned the next day by myself and came across two other friendly treasure hunters who had worked for a couple hours digging a massive hole in the snow about 10 meters south of where my GPS was telling me to look. An hour later, when they decided to give up, we compared coordinates and it turns out they had the wrong latitude entered in their GPS unit! This gave me renewed hope, so I kept poking around with my avalanche pole for a few more hours. By this point it seemed likely that the elusive marker would remain buried until spring thaw, so I took a few pictures of my effort and contemplated quitting when I finally came across the marker. Thanks for the adventure and the great prize!"

February '07
Page 41. 33 16.335N. - First column of photos, second photo down.
Page 71. 116 04.848W. - Second photo from top in red area.

January '07
Page 66. 97 03.872W. - Inside the bellhousing in the third photo down.
Page 86. 32 48.909N. - In the upper righthand photo along the edge of the workbench.

December '06
Page 42. 44 06' 14.6 N. - Within the caption for the upper righthand photo.
Page 66. 103 32' 58.7 W. - In the upper righthand photo, on the right side.

November '06
Page 66. 122 10.003W. - In the third column of photos, second photo down, at the end of the caption.
Page 80. 48 22.345N. - In the second column, top photo, on the tire.

October '06
Page 56. 44 14.539N. - On the license plate of the first Jeep Liberty photo.
Page 70. 111 30.938W. - In the first column of photos, second photo down, at the end of the caption.

September '06
Page 25. N 36 24.958. - Second news item from the top, righthand corner of 4WD&SU's webpage.
Page 48. W 115 59.231. - In the last paragraph of the article.

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The GeoStash marker will have my phone number listed on it. I must be called immediately when the marker is found. The marker must also be sent back to me for verification, but it will be returned to the person who found it. Each marker for any given month will have a unique identifying mark on it so it cannot be duplicated.

Very Important - do yourself a favor and check our website's GeoStash page to see if the marker has been found for any given month before you go out searching. Please keep in mind that the marker may have been found while you were en route to the coordinate's location. Once we have been notified, we will post where the marker has been found.

A disposable camera will be attached to the marker. Have a photo of yourself taken at the location (hopefully you won't be out alone) you found the marker and send the camera back with the marker when you mail it to me for verification. Though there will be a camera attached to the marker, we would prefer a digital image of the winner on the trail with the marker be e-mailed to us if you have the capability. If you do have a digital camera, please set it to the highest megapixel setting before snapping the photo. The GeoStash II webpage will highlight the enthusiast who found the prize, the product and its manufacturer, and the next month's prize to be given away.

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