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2008 SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge Trophy Truck Qualifying

Posted in Events on January 1, 2008 Comment (0)
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The Laughlin Desert Challenge is a unique race in several ways, one of which is the unique way in which the Trophy Truck class determines their starting position. At any other SCORE race the starting order is determined in advance by a random drawing. At the LDC all the other classes starting order is determined in the normal fashion, random drawing, but the Trophy Trucks starting order is determined by one lap of the course and they start in the order of the fastest time.

This years top qualifier got that position by only one second. Mark Post ran a 6minute 52second qualifying lap while Robby Gordon ran a 6minute 53second lap, and third place was only three seconds off of that with Carl Renezeder running a 6:56 qualifying lap. With lap times like these it is shaping up to be one heck of a race come Saturday!

Qualifying results from Friday1 lap over 6.25-mile race course

SCORE TROPHY-TRUCK (Unlimited Production Trucks)

1. 1 Mark Post 6:52
2. 77 Robby Gordon 6:53
3. 17 Carl Renezeder 6:56
4. 97 B.J. Baldwin 7:00
5. 40 Chet Huffman 7:04
6. 2 Pete Sohren 7:04
7. 85 Todd Wyllie 7:06
8. 12 Brian Collins 7:07
9. 51 Kory Sheeler 7:11
10. 86 Josh Baldwin 7:14
11. 13 Ed Stout 7:14
12. 45 Rich Ronco 7:25
13. 22 Damen Jefferies 7:40
14. 35 Robbie Pierce 7:41
15. 54 Jesse James 7:43
16. 96 Bobby Baldwin 7:48
17. 48 Jeff Spiers 8:12
18. 29 Stephen Jangaard 8:18
19. 8 Roger Norman DNF
20. 4 Gus Vildosola Jr. DNF
21. 91 Bill McBeath DNF
22. 5 Travis Coyne DNF
23. 10 Ernesto Cervantes DNS
24. 55 Luis Wallace DNS

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Be sure to check out Page 2 for even more Trophy Truck Qualifying Photos!

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