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Imperial Sand Dunes - Thanksgiving Sand

Posted in Events on April 1, 2008
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Thanksgiving is a time of celebration and recollection combined with good friends and family. you'll find much of the population stuffi ng themselves with holiday food and plopping down on a sofa to catch sports games or headed to the mall. Then there are those who cure the holiday itch with a trip to the sandbox... the Imperial Sand dunes, that is.

In far southeastern california lies this huge playground that attracts hundreds of thousands of dune enthusiasts over the Thanksgiving weekend. every size and shape of vehicle with a motor converges on this area to sling sand and enjoy the natural beauty of this large expanse of silty material.

Our destination over the holiday was the gordon's Well area at the southern end of the Imperial recreation area. We packed a camera and roosted some sand ourselves while chasing down some photos. We've brought you a sampling of what we saw while we were there during the holiday. Turkey sure tastes great in the dunes; you just may find a little grit mixed in between your teeth. Enjoy.

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Access to the Imperial Sand Dunes is granted by purchasing a camping/use permit from one of the on-location kiosks or online at Weekly permits are $25 and full-season permits are $90. This allows you to drive and park a primary vehicle in the recreation area.

All vehicles operated off-highway on public lands in California are required to be street-licensed or registered as an off-highway vehicle (OHV). If you are visiting California from another state and your vehicle does not have current registration from your home state, you must purchase a California nonresident OHV-use permit before you go off-roading.

There are some areas in the dunes that are marked off-limits to motor vehicles. Be wary of these markers and stay out of the closed areas. Obeying the signs will help ensure that access areas are left open for our motorized pursuits.

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