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Moab Utah Off Roading - Can Four-Wheeling Be Considered Work?

Jeep Rock Crawling
Rick Russell | Writer
Posted May 1, 2008

Moab, Utah, Is a Photographer's Dream

Since my first visit to Moab in 1993 and the release of the first Moab video, #4 Moab, Utah, I have returned at least once every year. In 1993, AM General had just began to market the Hummer (later called the h1 Hummer) to civilians - nonmilitary buyers. they were confident enough in the H1 to join our trail rides and allow us to videotape the vehicles in an uncontrolled situation. The extra width of the hummer proved to be an asset on the steep, off-camber ledges that make up so much of the terrain in Moab. Who would have thought that 16 years later Jeep would be building a four-door JK that is only 1.5 inches shorter than an H1 Hummer, and that a smaller H2 and H3 hummer would be built?

There have also been some other changes since 1993. The tall fin, known as Lion's Back, is closed to vehicle travel. the Dump Bump was recently closed, and Potato Salad hill will soon join the list of closed areas. all of the easter Jeep Safari trails run in 1993 are still being run in 2008. These trails still vary in difficulty from requiring only a stock 4x4 to definitely needing taller tires and lockers. The toughest trails documented in our first video are still the most difficult today with one exception. Pritchett Canyon has clearly earned the title, "toughest Safari trail in Moab." our objective in Moab was clear: Videotape Pritchett Canyon to document the changes. We also ran Hell's Revenge and the Moab Rim trails which have not changed significantly.


Dead Horse Point State Park
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