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THQ: Baja Edge of Control Introduction

Posted in Events on August 12, 2008
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Photographers: Dave Murphy

When you think of Baja what is the first thing that comes to mind? Amazing scenery or maybe adventurous trails that lead you on paths that can invigorate you or destroy you. The Baja 1000 and 500 are both incredible races, where so many people enter but only the strong, devoted, and prepared survive. With rough terrain, rocks, sand pits, and booby traps there is a silence every morning while looking out the Mexican land that calms you. It's as if the race is calling. For many people they will never be able to experience this feeling in first hand.

Yet now you can in a different way, THQ is putting out a game that not only makes you feel like you are the driver but makes you appreciate what true Baja is all about. The game includes pit stops, in case you break something or just need to fuel up. This game is one of a kind, with its unique graphics and its finally tuned sound; you would almost think the truck you fired up is really outside.

After a day of playing video games and watching some awesome races, THQ, and CORR gave some of us the opportunity of a life time. We were able to take rides in a three seat Baldwin racing built pre-runner, which is based on the same Geiser brothers chassis as the Baldwin's Trophy Truck. Josh was kind enough to take some of us around and show us the difference between a trophy truck and a stadium truck.

Personally I was able to go for a ride in a two seat Pro-2 with a tubeworks rear end with thirty-five inch Toyos. Let's just say it was awesome. Jeremy McGrath was driving and I was so excited I could not stop smiling. He was an awesome driver very fun and totally silly. I can honestly say it was a ride of a life time. I will hold on to this experience for as long as I live. And with that I would like to give a special thanks to CORR, THQ, The Baldwin's, and of course Jeremy McGrath!

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