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July 2009 Off-Road Race Result

Posted in Events on July 1, 2009
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Snore Battle At Primm
February 14-15, 2009
Held in Primm, Nevada, the SNORE BAP kicked off its 2009 series with a huge bang! With record entries, over 70 vehicles entered in class 1450 alone, this race was the one to watch. The race was held on a 12-mile race course which encompassed open desert, grandstand infield, and parts of the Primm CORR track. Competitors ran multiple laps of the course over two days. We can't wait for next year!

Class 1
1. #155 Darin Anderson
2. #137 Chris Kemp
3. #132 Jennifer Cleminson

Class 1600
1. #1603 Rob MacCachren
2. #1629 Kurt Geer
3. #1605 Mike Malloy
4. #1646 Adam Pfankuch
5. #1611 Sergei Maffei

Class 1450
1. #1406 Jonathon Libby
2. #1429 Dan Vance
3. #1433 Thomas Byma
4. #1402 Kenny Walker
5. #1479 Chris Freas
6. #1477 Eric Ludian

MDR Fud 200
February 21, 2009
The Mojave Desert Racing Superstition Series FUD 200 kicked off bright and early in Plaster City, California, with Trophy Kart racing at 8 a.m. before the big boys set off into the desert at 9 a.m. This race was the second of the 2009 series and drew 70 entries with 59 of those starting and 35 finishing.

Class 1
1. #150 Robert Archibald
2. #120 Edson Pavia
3. #152 Paulden Hepler

Class 5
1. #554 Dave Simpson
2. #577 Richard Glaszozak
3. #563 Richard Sletten

Class 1600
1. #1624 Caitlin Manring
2. #1614 Eric Duran
3. #1617 Kevin Walsh

Class 1450
1. #1455 Danny Freeman
2. #1452 Alyssa Looney
3. #1458 Dan Unsicker

King Of The Hammers
February 27, 2009
What do you get when you combine desert racing and rock crawling? That is exactly what the King of the Hammers is. The 94 competitors battled it out over 84 miles of brutal desert terrain and some of the harshest rock crawling trails in the nation, including the Sledge Hammer and Back Door trails. Held in Johnson Valley, California, this amazing race drew thousands of spectators even being held on a weekday. Of the 94 starters only 36 rigs saw the finish line for an astonishing 62-percent attrition rate.

1. #76 Jason Scherer
2. #2x Casey Currie
3. #554 Rick Mooneyham
4. #11 JR Van Ortwick
5. #232 Brad Lovell
6. #55 Rob McKinney
7. #25 Adam Woodlee
8. #001 Joachim Schewiesow
9. #238 Greg Hussey
10. #54 Wayne Israelsen
11. #41 Eric Holder
12. #321 Tom Wayes
13. #301 Stephen Watson
14. #17 Buzz Bronsema
15. #11x Jason Pickett

To see more complete race results, exclusive photos, videos, and schedules from all the big sanctioning bodies in off-road racing, surf on over to!

For more information, visit:

Help keep our deserts open for all of us to enjoy! Clean-Dezert will be holding mini cleanups after select desert races this season. Please help us in lending a hand in keeping the desert we love clean!

For more information and clean up dates please visit

SCORE San Felipe 250
March 13-14, 2009
The second stop of the 2009 SCORE desert racing series was beautiful San Felipe, Mexico. To help keep costs down for racers, this year's race ran on the same course as last year. This proved to be beneficial for the racers, especially last year's winner Brian Collins. Collins piloted his Dodge Trophy Truck to the top of the podium for the second year in a row. NASCAR driver and current SCORE points leader, Robby Gordon, finished in the second spot just 20 minutes behind Collins. The second place finish keeps Gordon in the top spot in points.

SCORE Trophy Truck
1. Brian Collins
2. Robby Gordon
3. Mark Post
4. Chet Huffman
5. Adam Householder

Class 1
1. Ronny Wilson
2. Tim Herbst
3. Armin Schwarz
4. Julio Herrera
5. Dale Lenk

Class 6
1. Marc Burnett
2. Mike Koenig
3.Heidi Steele

Class 8
1. Dave Crinklaw
2. Clyde Stacey
3. Juan Lopez

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