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Scott Frary's Trail Tour 2009 - Anybody Need Some More Rain-X?

Posted in Events on November 1, 2009
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If April showers bring May flowers, then the State of Oregon should have a bumper crop this year! Once again 4WD&SU was invited along on the fifth annual Trail Tour, which took place the last week of April 2009 in the (very) wet areas of central, northern, and western Oregon.

Trail Tour is the brainchild of Scott Frary, a well-known face in the 4x4 industry and an avid 'wheeler from the Seattle area. The 'Tour is a chance for invited members of the 4x4 industry to get together with their families and 'wheel for a week - something they don't get to do often enough because they are usually too busy providing parts and services for the rest of us. Trail Tour's main sponsor is Mastercraft Seats. Robbie Pierce, owner of Mastercraft, is one of the more "sheepish" characters who make up the list of who's who participants. He has a birthday during the 'Tour each year and, though we're a little "behind" as to the origin of the woolly jokes played each year, we'll just say the bar was raised (again) this year and we can't wait to see the reciprocating act of 2010!

Trail Tour has always taken place in the Pacific Northwest, originally in Washington in 2005, then in Montana, Oregon in 2007, and Idaho last year ("So Fun Snow Run", November and December 2008). Each year the 'Tour runs for a week and the motto is "no trailers allowed." We 'wheel a different area each day, must travel on public highways to each location, and stay in motels each night - plus there is some great partying in various restaurants each night along the way!The 2009 Trail Tour was no different. We began the 'Tour in Bend, Oregon, which is about in the center of the state. We spent two days 'wheeling rocks around the Bend area before hitting the road towards Portland and the Warn winch factory. From Warn we headed west to McMinnville for the night. Thursday morning was spent at the incredible Evergreen Aviation Museum, home to Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose. The afternoon found us along the coast, tearing up the dunes at Sand Lake. Friday, our final day, was spent 'wheeling logging roads and trails in the Tillamook National Forest. Despite the steady rain every day (along with some sleet and a few snow flakes) a great time was had by all, as can best be seen through the pictures. So grab a cool beverage and sit back and relive Trail Tour 2009 with us through the following photos...

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