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2009 Lucas Oil Off Road Series Superlite Class

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Ford D. Hunter | Writer
Posted January 1, 2010
Photographers: Courtesy Of Loorrs

Big Time Racing On A Budget

Upon announcing their plans for the 2009 season, the crew behind the Lucas Oil Off Road Series (LOORRS) committed to adding a new class to professional off-road racing: the SuperLite class.

The SuperLite trucks have been racing for a couple of years, but 2009 marks the first time that the class would go big-time - with TV coverage (including its own show), a huge cash purse, and the best off-road racers in the country at each of the LOORRS races. The powers behind the class, Speed Technologies (run by John Harrah, Kevin Singleton and Chuck Dempsey), teamed up with Bully Dog Technologies to make the whole thing happen.


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The class is designed to be a development class; one in which the average guy can get involved without spending a boatload of money and be just as competitive as all of the other drivers. It is a driver's class - the driver that drives the best race will usually always win the race. In fact, there are a number of drivers this year with very little, if any, racing experience before coming to the SuperLite class.

Keeping the costs in check is achieved by the class having a very strict rule book: the only engine that's legal is a Mazda rotary; competitors must run a DOT-approved Good Year tire; all of the chassis must be the same; and suspension travel is limited.

The end result is action-packed racing with a cash purse that is second to none. Bully Dog put up $80,000 for the 2009 season plus an additional $25,000 for the end-of-year Challenge Cup held in Lake Elsinore, California, where the winner of that race will take the entire $25,000.

While the class is fairly inexpensive to compete in and has a generous purse, it also receives a lot of attention within the LOORRS race coverage on Speed TV, as well as its own highlight show that will air on the Outdoor Channel later in the year. With this sort of exposure, sponsors are starting to become attracted to the class.

For more information about SuperLite, the rental and lease program, and where they are racing next, visit

A very attractive feature of the Bully Dog SuperLite class is the ease of entry, each with its own advantages.

1) There is a traditional purchase that enables you to hire your own crew, transport the truck to the races, basically run your own race team.

2) You can lease a truck for less than $55,000 for the entire season. This includes all your entry fees, a truck ready to race, your crew and fuel. All you have to do is show up with your personal safety gear (fire suit, helmet, etc.).

3) A weekend rental (yes, you read that right) allows you to race a truck for the weekend and for much less than an average race buy-in: well under $10,000. Along with the truck lease, you get a race truck for two days of racing, a full crew, fuel, and driving instruction. All you have to do is show up with your personal safety gear.

Note: Trucks can be wrapped to include your design and sponsor logos if desired.