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Kelso Depot

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Shortly after we left the corral, our route ended at Cedar Canyon Road. We wanted to find out why the stakes had been placed to block the trails we'd seen on the GPS, and the staff at the Kelso visitor's center could likely shed some light on the situation. Once inside, we asked the staff what was going on with the stakes blocking the trail intersections. We showed them our map and explained what we’d seen. Backcountry Manager Tim Duncan listened patiently and then explained that our GPS was showing some old routes that had been closed. Duncan then described the intersections of two still-open spur routes: one intersection was next to the Death Valley Mine, and the other was next to the corral. The GPS had shown these intersections, too, as did our printed map. Duncan and the other Rangers at the visitors' center were cordial and informative. Lessons learned? GPS and map data isn't always up-to-date. Keep a cool head and don't be afraid to ask questions.