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Roswell, New Mexico - Close Encounters Of The Ghost Kind

Four Wheelers
Larry E. Heck | Writer
Posted September 1, 2010

Ghosts At The UFO Crash Site

Stardate: 2432373.5
Earthdate: July 7, 1947
Note: The actual date of the UFO crash is often debated. We chose this date because a story appeared the next day (July 8, 1947) in the Roswell Daily Record declaring the capture of a flying saucer.

An isolated storm with frequent spider web lightning was moving across the sky near Boy Scout Mountain about 50 miles from Roswell, New Mexico. A young man and his girlfriend were lying in the back of his pickup paying very little attention to the storm.

Suddenly, an enormous flash of blinding light engulfed the storm and lit up the sky. The flash was followed by a sound similar to that of jet engines breaking the sound barrier. The two lovers dove for cover as a missile of bright light exited the point of the original flash and headed directly at them. It passed over the pickup and crashed a few yards away. They cautiously approached the UFO and found four alien bodies scattered around the wreckage. Each of them collected pieces of the scrap for souvenirs and headed for town.

Unknown to them, two UFOs had just collided within the storm in the sky above Boy Scout Mountain. One of them crashed near their truck hitting a huge boulder and splitting it vertically. From that day on, it would be known as Split Rock.

A few days later, the young lady was killed in a car accident. Her souvenirs had been in the car but were never found. The man's truck was broken into and his house was ransacked. Nothing was taken except the souvenirs. As for the craft that crashed in the forest, it was officially recorded by government officials as a weather balloon.

Stardate: 2450272.5
Earthdate: July 8, 1996
Two friends known by their CB handles "Trapdoor" and "Sundance," arrived at the crash site late in the evening. Both were fans of the X-Files TV series and Star Trek. They enjoyed studying conspiracy theories about the mystery behind the Roswell UFO crash.

Camp was set up in the same location where two young lovers parked their truck 49 years earlier. As the sun set behind Boy Scout Mountain, small pieces of wood were tossed into the fire ring. The night was perfectly still. Not even a slight breeze to accompany the stories being told. The air was very warm so the level of the fire was left at a kindling level and enjoyed for the relaxing qualities campfires provide.


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