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Mojave Road: An Off Road Adventure

Offroad Adventure
Monica Gonderman
| Associate Online Editor
Posted October 24, 2012
Photographers: Jason Gonderman, Corey Simone

Navigating the Mojave Desert

Check out Day 1 coverage (with more coming soon!) of an off road adventure on Southern California's Mojave Road. The Mojave Road is truly a fun and adventurous route. Its diverse terrain - including washes, river crossings, rocks, silt, lake beds, dirt roads, sand, whoops, and more - combined with fascinating historic sites, should put this trail on your yearly to-do list.

The plan was to meet up with Jon (silver Ranger) and his neighbor Terry to carpool out to Barstow at 6am. We stopped by a Mobil around 6:30am for fuel and Monster.


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Weather was great, light breeze, about 50*, and no moon. Perfect for sleeping.