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Skyjacker Rocks Moab Easter Jeep Safari

Project Weekend Warrior
4WD & SU Staff | Writer
Posted February 15, 2011

The Bear of Suspensions Hits the Red Rocks

Every year, along with thousands of 4x4 enthusiasts, the crew from Skyjacker loads up it's 18-wheeler with jeeps and suspension systems and makes the trek from Louisiana to Moab, Utah, for the red Rock 4-Wheeler Easter Jeep Safari. In addition to its well-built Jeep TJ, Skyjacker unveiled two JKs at the 2010, both of which tacked the trails with ease.

Official business activities typically monopolize the week for the Skyjacker team. Fortunately, those business activities translate to daily ’wheeling with other industry notables. Each day brings a new trail, including an annual run hosted by Skyjacker. The 2010 Skyjacker run explored the Golden Spike Trail and was led by a member of the Red Rock 4-Wheelers.

After ample ’wheeling opportunities throughout the week, the Skyjacker crew parks its Jeeps at the Spanish Trails Arena for the Safari parts expo. The Skyjacker team sets up a booth there each year to show off its latest wares and meet and greet with old and new customers and vendors.

At the week’s end, Skyjacker loads up its 18-wheeler for the trip back home. Full of great ’wheeling and breathtaking scenery the team will have to wait another year before the next trip. It’s hard work, but somebody has to do it.


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