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2011 Loors Lucas Oil Regional Stock Truck Class - Low Buck Racing!

Posted in Events on August 1, 2011
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It seems these days that it costs a small fortune to do any kind of off-road racing. But, alas, some relatively low-buck classes do exist. One of these is the 2011 LOORS Lucas Oil Regional Stock Truck Class, which allows only fullsize trucks or SUVs sold in the United States that are at least 10 years old or older. The Lucas Off Road Racing Series is working to foster growth in grassroots short-course off-road racing. We recently attended one of its races at Firebird Raceway in Phoenix as part of the Arizona Short Course Championship (ASCC).

This class was designed to be one that could attract participation from owners who may already own an inexpensive base truck. Say you have an aging domestic V-8 truck that’s been retired from daily-driver status, and you’re looking for more off-road play, this may just be your way into some weekend competition.

As with all racing vehicles, some safety upgrades are mandatory. All of the trucks must have a six-point rollcage constructed of 1.75-inch-or-larger tubing. All glass and external stock lighting must be removed. Doors must be welded or bolted closed.

Drivers and passengers must wear driving suits, gloves, and boots, along with a full face helmet. Additionally, the truck is required to have racing seats, head and neck restraints, five-point harnesses, and window nets.

For more information on ASCC racing, check out Other regional races are being held in other locations in the United States and a number of the sanctioning bodies are trying to consolidate rules to a common national set.

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