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SEMA 2013 Trend: 4-Door Jeep Wrangler JKs

Posted in Events on December 10, 2013 Comment (0)
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Four-door JKs have become so ubiquitous that they’re now almost generic. To combat this, the aftermarket offers infinite accessories. But adding bumpers, a lift, and tires/wheels doesn’t automatically make a JK unique. In fact, the 2013 SEMA Show had dozens of custom late-model Jeeps. Many subscribed to these trends:

• Full-width LED lightbars above the windshield
• Aftermarket bumpers, often with stingers
• Tube doors
• Roof racks

To stand out, vinyl graphics and wraps generate more interest than the factory Gecko, Dozer, and other colors. Body-color tube doors are another distinctive detail.

Finally, hardcore accessories give even Jeeps that rarely leave the pavement an adventurous attitude. Exterior-mounted jacks and shovels add man-card points. And winches have become so affordable that aftermarket front bumpers look naked without them.

Here’s a scratch-the-surface look at some of the 4-door JKs of SEMA. For more, visit www.enjoythedrive.com/search/node/jeep.

Trail Concepts built this bolt-on daily-driver. Aside from the mandatory LED bar, its aftermarket hood and stinger/winch help it stand out from the crowd, yet still fly somewhat under the radar for a daily commute.
Information: www.trailconcepts.com.

American Overland Expeditions and Energy Suspension displayed this overland-inspired JK. Its rooftop tent and snorkel are attention-grabbers.
Information: www.americanoverlandexpedition.com.

Eaton used custom graphics to set its JK apart. Highline fender flares exposing King coilovers and PSC steering help. Floor mirrors draw attention to the axles.
Information: www.eatonperformance.com.

Gen-Right popularized the aluminum-armor look. KAO Auto Styling began with that persona, then went up. The more JKs we see, the more that roof racks and related accessories help determine their personalities.
Information: www.kaowheels.com

Auxiliary LEDs with lights on is one way to attract attention.
Information: www.2crave.com.

The Rugged Ridge hoods stood out on the first few JKs, then became commonplace. Doetsch Off-Road used OD accents to make this hood correlate with the Wild Board fastback top, beadlocks, and fairlead.
Information: www.facebook.com/doetschoffroad.

Smittybilt kept its JK stock except for the company’s family of products. The rooftop tent attracted most of the attention; Atlas bumpers, LRG wheels, and Pro Comp tires also stood out.
Information: www.smittybilt.com.

Warrior went retro with its Renegade take on a JK. The roof-mounted spare and tools attracted eyeballs. The camo bags on the tube doors are another unique touch.
Information: www.warriorproducts.com.

The jury might be hung on whether the “RBP” fullsized diesel-inspired billet-grille look translates to Jeeps. However, Hi-Lift used the company’s signature red color on the fenders, body-color bumpers, and cube LEDs to show off its jack hood mount.
Information: www.hi-lift.com.

Adventure travel continues to influence JK style. This Jeep doesn’t have a roof rack, so its traction plates are mounted to the spare.
Information: www.jk-adventure.com.

A unique camo pattern and dangling towstraps are two ways to make people look at a JK. A roof rack stuffed with LEDs is another.
Information: www.bedrug.com.

Rear winches were rare on JKs in Las Vegas. Bling wheels weren’t, however.
Information: www.rv4x4.com.

This murdered-out and bloody theme is subtle yet effective. The LED winch bumper is clean and distinctive.
Information: www.addictivedesertdesigns.com.

Smittybilt gill fenders were eye-catching when released a few years ago. This JK goes wild with LEDs and body-color wheels.
Information: www.americanforcewheels.com.

Wrapped doors and fenders make this an effective oversized business card. Tube fenders and a fully exposed winch give hardcore points.
Information: www.premierperformaceinc.com.

In quantity, textured powdercoated accessories can work together, even ones from multiple manufacturers.
Information: www.ruggedridge.com.

Subtler use of LEDs doesn’t overshadow Mickey Thompson’s new bumper line. Here again, the roof rack adds extra spice.
Information: www.x-tremetoyz.com.

Half doors give “Red Dawn” a classic Jeep personality.
Information: www.facebook.com/doetschoffroad.

Lexani/RBP used the tried/true method of drawing attention to the company’s racks, rails, and wheels.
Information: www.rollingbigpower.com.


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