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SEMA 2013 Trend: 4-Door Jeep Wrangler JKs

Posted in Events on December 10, 2013 Comment (0)
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SEMA 2013 Trend: 4-Door Jeep Wrangler JKs

Four-door JKs have become so ubiquitous that they’re now almost generic. To combat this, the aftermarket offers infinite accessories. But adding bumpers, a lift, and tires/wheels doesn’t automatically make a JK unique. In fact, the 2013 SEMA Show had dozens of custom late-model Jeeps. Many subscribed to these trends:

• Full-width LED lightbars above the windshield
• Aftermarket bumpers, often with stingers
• Tube doors
• Roof racks

To stand out, vinyl graphics and wraps generate more interest than the factory Gecko, Dozer, and other colors. Body-color tube doors are another distinctive detail.

Finally, hardcore accessories give even Jeeps that rarely leave the pavement an adventurous attitude. Exterior-mounted jacks and shovels add man-card points. And winches have become so affordable that aftermarket front bumpers look naked without them.

Here’s a scratch-the-surface look at some of the 4-door JKs of SEMA. For more, visit www.enjoythedrive.com/search/node/jeep.

Trail Concepts built this bolt-on daily-driver. Aside from the mandatory LED bar, its aftermarket hood and stinger/winch help it stand out from the crowd, yet still fly somewhat under the radar for a daily commute.
Information: www.trailconcepts.com.

SEMA 2013 Jeep JK TC

American Overland Expeditions and Energy Suspension displayed this overland-inspired JK. Its rooftop tent and snorkel are attention-grabbers.
Information: www.americanoverlandexpedition.com.

SEMA 2013 Jeep JK AOE

Eaton used custom graphics to set its JK apart. Highline fender flares exposing King coilovers and PSC steering help. Floor mirrors draw attention to the axles.
Information: www.eatonperformance.com.

SEMA 2013 Jeep JK Eaton

Gen-Right popularized the aluminum-armor look. KAO Auto Styling began with that persona, then went up. The more JKs we see, the more that roof racks and related accessories help determine their personalities.
Information: www.kaowheels.com

SEMA 2013 Jeep JK KAO

Auxiliary LEDs with lights on is one way to attract attention.
Information: www.2crave.com.

SEMA 2013 Jeep JK 2 Crave

The Rugged Ridge hoods stood out on the first few JKs, then became commonplace. Doetsch Off-Road used OD accents to make this hood correlate with the Wild Board fastback top, beadlocks, and fairlead.
Information: www.facebook.com/doetschoffroad.

SEMA 2013 Jeep JK Olive

Smittybilt kept its JK stock except for the company’s family of products. The rooftop tent attracted most of the attention; Atlas bumpers, LRG wheels, and Pro Comp tires also stood out.
Information: www.smittybilt.com.

SEMA 2013 Jeep JK Smittybilt

Warrior went retro with its Renegade take on a JK. The roof-mounted spare and tools attracted eyeballs. The camo bags on the tube doors are another unique touch.
Information: www.warriorproducts.com.

SEMA 2013 Jeep JK Warrior

The jury might be hung on whether the “RBP” fullsized diesel-inspired billet-grille look translates to Jeeps. However, Hi-Lift used the company’s signature red color on the fenders, body-color bumpers, and cube LEDs to show off its jack hood mount.
Information: www.hi-lift.com.

SEMA 2013 Jeep JK HiLift

Adventure travel continues to influence JK style. This Jeep doesn’t have a roof rack, so its traction plates are mounted to the spare.
Information: www.jk-adventure.com.

SEMA 2013 Jeep JK JKA

A unique camo pattern and dangling towstraps are two ways to make people look at a JK. A roof rack stuffed with LEDs is another.
Information: www.bedrug.com.

SEMA 2013 Jeep JK Bedrug

Rear winches were rare on JKs in Las Vegas. Bling wheels weren’t, however.
Information: www.rv4x4.com.

SEMA 2013 Jeep JK RV

This murdered-out and bloody theme is subtle yet effective. The LED winch bumper is clean and distinctive.
Information: www.addictivedesertdesigns.com.

SEMA 2013 Jeep JK ADD

Smittybilt gill fenders were eye-catching when released a few years ago. This JK goes wild with LEDs and body-color wheels.
Information: www.americanforcewheels.com.

SEMA 2013 Jeep JK AF

Wrapped doors and fenders make this an effective oversized business card. Tube fenders and a fully exposed winch give hardcore points.
Information: www.premierperformaceinc.com.

SEMA 2013 Jeep JK Premier

In quantity, textured powdercoated accessories can work together, even ones from multiple manufacturers.
Information: www.ruggedridge.com.

SEMA 2013 Jeep JK RR

Subtler use of LEDs doesn’t overshadow Mickey Thompson’s new bumper line. Here again, the roof rack adds extra spice.
Information: www.x-tremetoyz.com.

SEMA 2013 Jeep JK XT

Half doors give “Red Dawn” a classic Jeep personality.
Information: www.facebook.com/doetschoffroad.

SEMA 2013 Jeep JK RD

Lexani/RBP used the tried/true method of drawing attention to the company’s racks, rails, and wheels.
Information: www.rollingbigpower.com.

SEMA 2013 Jeep JK RBP

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