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2002 Top Truck Challenge Frame Twister

Posted in Events on November 1, 2002
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Photographers: Ken BrubakerCraig Perronne
Barry and the Frog were quick on time, but his strategy of winching as soon as he got into trouble cost him a lot of penalty points.

The Frame Twister
The Frame Twister looks deceptively easy. The presence of just a few logs and some water, along with a bit of mud, makes it look like a rig can cruise right through it. Our judges are often left wondering if they have put enough water in the Twister, and whether it will be difficult enough. Once the first vehicle gets into this challenging obstacle, however, our fears are quickly put to rest. Whatever the wheelbase of a competitor's vehicle, there is a set of logs that will snag it. The holes are deep and there is lots of water and mud to hinder progress. Plus there is no slipperier surface known to man than a mud-covered telephone pole, heh, heh, heh.

As if that isn't enough, we score this with something called the "Driving Elegant" point system, which is designed to reward those who actually drive the Frame Twister instead of simply smashing the go-pedal to the floor. Under that system, 20 points are assessed if a vehicle leaves the course. Winching also results in 20 points being added-that's 20 points for every vehicle-length covered. Taking out a cone costs 10 points, while having the spotter exit the vehicle results in a five-point penalty. Backing up costs two points, while coming to a stop costs one point. This year we also dropped the time limit from 10 minutes down to five to make things a bit more interesting. The driver who finishes in the quickest time and with the fewest penalty points is the winner.

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Frame Twister Notes
Tim's Toy: Went sideways and hit a cone, costing points. Finally had to winch out.

Jerry's Jeep: Got hung up on the third-from-the-last hole. Ate up some time when he ran over his cable winching out.

Jesse's 'Yota: Stalled out in the first hole but got going again. Then bent both lower suspension links in the rear. Had to winch out but winch cable was a mess.

Toby's Flattie: Got halfway through, and then winched for a fast time.

Bob's Blazer: Had the cleanest run for the least amount of points, but wasn't too quick.

Scott's Raptor: Barely beat out Bob and the Blazer. Didn't get too many points as he only had to winch one vehicle length, but it took some time.

(Penalty Points/Seconds)
1. Toby's Flattie 37/69
2. Scott's Raptor 29/84
3. Bob's Blazer 27/89
4. John's {{{Bronco}}} 46/77
5. Barry's Frog 46/82
6. Tim's Toy 42/110
7. Abba's Scout 46/131
8. Jerry's Jeep 33/156
9. Jesse's 'Yota 31/173
10. Cory's Chevy 65/DNF
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