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2002 Top Truck Challenge Mini Rubicon

Posted in Events on November 1, 2002
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Photographers: Ken BrubakerCraig Perronne
Tim's Toy was cruising through the Mini Rubicon until a rock speared the transmission pan and cracked the transmission case, ending Tim's run.

The Mini Rubicon
The Mini Rubicon is a collection of mean, nasty rocks. Big ones. These rocks can be intimidating to those not used to rockcrawling, and they can even give pause to those who are rock veterans. And just to make things interesting, our judges put in plenty of time figuring out how to stack them so there isn't an easy way to navigate our little slice of the Rubicon. There are no bypasses or easy lines here. The Mini-'Con also has a way of finding the weaknesses of a vehicle and taking advantage of them.

Of course, the Driving Elegant point system is also in effect for the Mini Rubicon. If a competitor comes to a stop, he is penalized one point. Backing up costs two points, while having someone exit the vehicle is a five-point penalty. If a jack is used, it costs 10 points, and winching a vehicle is a 10-point penalty per every length of the vehicle winched. There is also a 20-minute time limit for the competitors to contend with. In the end, the winner is the one with the quickest time and the least amount of penalty points.

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(feet/penalty points/time in seconds)
1. Scott's Raptor 135/10/206
2. John's {{{Bronco}}} 135/15/203
3. Jerry's {{{Jeep}}} 135/26/417
4. Barry's Frog 135/40/697
5. Cory's Chevy 135/50/669
6. Abba's Scout 116/76/DNF
7. Bob's {{{Blazer}}} 66.2/26/DNF
8. Jesse's Yota 66.0/36/DNF
9. Tim's Toy {{{62}}}.4/40/DNF
10. Toby's Flattie 60.2/69/DNF

Mini Rubicon Notes
Abba's Scout: Got stuck with a massive rock under the front diff and snapped a front driveshaft. Tried to make forward progress but ran out of time.

Jerry's Jeep: Cruised right through without any problem but wasn't as quick as the Bronco or the Raptor.

Jesse's 'Yota: Had lots of problems, but his run ended when he snapped a front suspension link and driveshaft.

Toby's Flattie: The big rocks and small tires were not a good combo. Got hung up a lot and finally ran out of time.

Barry's Frog: Was on the gas and made a strong run. Had to use a jack once, but after that, cruised through.

Tim's Toy: A rock jumped up and bit the tranny, ending his run.

Corey's Chevy: Made great progress until he snapped a front driveshaft. Had to winch from there but made it out in time.

Bob's Blazer: Snapped a sector shaft and winched as far as he could before timing out.

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