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2002 Top Truck Challenge Obstacle Course

Posted in Events on November 1, 2002
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Photographers: Ken BrubakerCraig Perronne
The Raptor was aided by its rear-wheel steering. Scott used it to avoid hitting any cones but had trouble making it up the last hill and had to make several runs at it, which cost valuable time.

The Obstacle Course
Variety is the spice of life. Remember your mom telling you that? Well, it's true, even at Top Truck Challenge. We try to throw a whole slew of tests at our competitors to make sure to challenge the vehicles and drivers in a variety of terrain. All of this is in an effort to find a vehicle that is well-balanced enough to work everywhere.

One of our tests of balance is the Obstacle Course. While big trucks with huge tires might work well in some parts of Top Truck Challenge, they don't always do so well in the Obstacle Course. Consisting of tight turns, ruts, climbs and berms snaking through what resembles a gravel pit, the Obstacle Course often favors a vehicle with a low center of gravity and a tight turning radius-but that is not always the case.

Figuring out who wins the obstacle course is straightforward. The one who makes it through in the quickest time is the winner. However, strewn across the course are strategically placed cones to make the course tighter. Knock one of these babies down, and you get 10 seconds added to your time. A quick time and a run free of cone-killing is ideal.

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Rear-wheel steering is definitely an advantage in the Obstacle Course and John could constantly be seen working the Bronco's. It paid off, as he was able to finish second.

Obstacle Course Notes
Tim's Toy: Caught a spectacular amount of air on the exit. Almost looked like he was going to go over backwards.

Jerry's Jeep: Also reached for the sky on the exit but came down hard on the center of the vehicle breaking lots of critical parts.

Toby's Flattie: Easily made the nicest run of the day. Being low and having lots of wheel travel helped.

Abba's Scout: Had a smooth fun and made it up the last hill nicely. Took out two cones, though.

John's Bronco: Used the rear-steer to help navigate the course quickly, but still hit two cones.

Corey's Chevy: Was on the gas extremely hard and made a quick run for such a big truck.

Barry's Frog: Had a quick run, bbut the mammoth Frog took out five cones in the process.

Bob's Blazer: Also had a quick run but took out three cones, which added 30 seconds to his score.

Jesse's Yota: Fixed his suspension and made a decent run.

Scott's Raptor: Made a clean run without any penalties but had problems on the last hill.

A competitor we were glad to see back in action was Jesse and his Toyota. After his truck's front suspension was destroyed on the Mini Rubicon we thought his TTC might be over. But he made repairs overnight and was able to pilot the 'Yota to a Seventh-place finish.
(Time Through Course)
1. Toby's Flattie 0:52
2. John's Bronco 1:26
3. Corey's Chevy 1:34
4. Scott's Raptor 1:40
5. Abba's Scout 1:50
6. Tim's Toy 1:58
7. Jesse's 'Yota 2:12
8. Bob's Blazer 2:14
9. Barry's Frog 2:27
10. Jerry's Jeep 5:40

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