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2002 Top Truck Challenge Tank Trap

Posted in Events on November 1, 2002
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Photographers: Ken BrubakerCraig Perronne
Toby was one of many who got stuck in the crack coming out of Hole Five; only those with Unimog axles had enough clearance to drive through it. After a quick tug from the winch, he was on his way again.

The Tank Trap
We save the best of Top Truck Challenge for last. The final event to challenge our competitors is an infamous piece of real estate called the Tank Trap. A quagmire of deep water holes, huge earthen berms and a massively rutted, very narrow canyon section called No Man's Land all contribute to make the Tank Trap the most difficult challenge our competitors and their rigs face in the week-long event.

This year we decided to change up the Tank Trap a bit from previous years. We added another large hole, for a total of seven. Of course we also had to throw in a huge earthen berm between the last two holes. As if that wasn't enough, we reengineered the exit so that the competitors now had to climb out of the final waterhole up a nasty hill seasoned with deep ruts.

Scoring the Tank Trap is easy. There is no Driving Elegant point system, and there are no pesky cones. Rather, the one who is lucky enough to finish in the quickest time is the winner. Those who don't finish inside of the 30-minute time limit are assigned a score based on the distance they covered.

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Tank Trap Notes
Barry's Frog: Winched in Hole One, Two, Four, and Six. Was on the very last hill trying to winch but ran out of time.

Jesse's 'Yota: Progress was stopped in Hole One after power wouldn't make it to the tires. A clutch impacted with mud and water was suspected.

Bob's Blazer: Made decent progress but had to winch a few times, costing him time.

John's Bronco: Set fastest time for the new course and had to use the winch only once.

Tim's Toy: Made it through in 21:50. Not too bad for a rig whose tranny was held together with JB Weld, a 2x4 and ratchet straps.

Jerry's Jeep: Wasn't able to repair the damaged transfer-case output shaft, and started the event in two-wheel drive. Winched as far as he could for points.

1. John's Bronco 7:38/20
2. Scott's Raptor 18:42/18
3. Cory's Chevy 19:50/16
4. Tim's Toy 21:50/14
5. Toby's Flattie 24:03/12
6. Bob's Blazer 24:38/10
7. Barry's Frog DNF/8
8. Abba's Scout DNF/6
9. Jerry's Jeep DNF/4
10. Jesse's 'Yota DNF/2
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