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2005 Top Truck Challenge Prizes - The Prizes, Right

Posted in Events on December 1, 2005 Comment (0)
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2005 Top Truck Challenge Prizes - The Prizes, Right

If there's anything we like better than watching the drama unfold at Top Truck Challenge each year, it's the last day of the event, when we hand out awards and prizes to all the contestants. After subjecting their rigs to a week's worth of vehicular torture, we figure the least we can do as a sign of gratitude is make sure everyone goes home with a smile on his face and a trailer-load of useful swag. This year, more than 40 sponsors and manufacturers stepped up to the plate with prizes (thanks to all, guys), ensuring that all who came and conquered at TTC XIII were amply rewarded for their efforts. Here's what they won:

129 0512 01 z+2005 ttc prizes+air compressor

What It Is: A hot new portable compressor that can generate up to 4 cfm and fill a 33x12.50 tire in under three minutes.
Why It's Cool: After surviving the Mini Rubicon, you might want one of these to re-inflate your rubber.
More Info: 714/556-5661, www.4wdproducts.com

129 0512 02 z+2005 ttc prizes+500 gift certificate

What It Is: $500 worth of play money (except it's real), and it's good at any of 4Wheel Parts' more than 40 retail stores nationwide.
Why It's Cool: You can use it towards purchasing anything you want from them.
More Info: 877/474-4821, www.4wheelpart.com

129 0512 03 z+2005 ttc prizes+intake

What It Is: A nonwoven polyester element that filters out over 98 percent of airborne efficiency and particulates as small as one micron.
Why It's Cool: Under normal use, you will never need to oil it, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee.
More Info: 310/484-2322, www.aempower.com

129 0512 04 z+2005 ttc prizes+bm racing certificate

What It Is: Half a grand towards anything in the B&M product line, which includes performance transmissions and torque converters.
Why It's Cool: After a day in the Tank Trap, it may come in handy.
More Info: 818/882-6422, www.bmracing.com

129 0512 05 z+2005 ttc prizes+hitch

What It Is: A brand-new ballmount that's available in tow ratings up to Class IV, and in two- and three-ball models.
Why It's Cool: It can be swiveled underneath the truck when you don't need it, improving departure angle and saving your shins from abuse.
More Info: 800/248-6564, www.turnoverball.com

129 0512 06 z+2005 ttc prizes+gauges

What It Is: An incab gauge cluster that allows you to monitor your diesel's turbo boost pressure, transmission temperature, and exhaust temp all at once.
Why It's Cool: Peak levels can be saved in memory and can be viewed after a dragstrip run, ideal for race applications.
More Info: 800/887-5030, www.bd-power.com

129 0512 07 z+2005 ttc prizes+steering shaft

What It Is: A stouter-than-stock replacement steering shaft for rigs that see severe duty, whether you're towing, 'wheeling, or running larger tires.
Why It's Cool: They're an easy install, and come with a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty.
More Info: 860/482-8283, www.borgeson.com

129 0512 44 z+2005 ttc prizes+body armor

What It Is: A selection of trail-tough parts from a leader in 4x4 body protection, including fender flares, bedrail and tailgate caps, and Trail Armor.
Why It's Cool: They're functional, and in most states you'll need those flares to stay legal with larger-than-stock tires.
More Info: 800/234-8920, www.bushwacker.com

129 0512 08 z+2005 ttc prizes+cage off road certificate

What It Is: Five hundred bucks towards anything in Cage's catalog, which includes competition-tested suspension packages for desert racing and rockcrawling.
Why It's Cool: You can start building your own Mini Rubicon-slayer with it.
More Info: 866/587-CAGE, www.cageoffroad.com

129 0512 09 z+2005 ttc prizes+colman grille

What It Is: Coleman's latest grille features adjustable burners, electronic ignition, and an X-shaped chassis that makes transporting easy.
Why It's Cool: Twin 10,000-Btu burners ensure fast cooking times for burger-mad wheelers after a day in the 'Trap.
More Info: 800/835-3278, www.coleman.com

129 0512 10 z+2005 ttc prizes+dash cover

What It Is: An easy-to-install vacuum-formed replacement cover for old, cracked dashes.
Why It's Cool: They install in minutes, don't require extra trimming, and you don't need to remove your gauges.
More Info: 800/633-7090, www.coverlay.com

129 0512 11 z+2005 ttc prizes+locker

What It Is: The grandaddy of fully automatic locking diffs, it's been a favorite of rockcrawlers and racers alike for decades.
Why It's Cool: A brutal beast, it's virtually unbreakable, and it installs with no special tools. Don't enter the Tank Trap without one.
More Info: www.tractech.com

129 0512 12 z+2005 ttc prizes+wheels

What It Is: A new line of polished alloy rims designed for trucks and SUVs.
Why It's Cool: They come in sizes ranging from 16x10 up to 22s, so whether you're looking to go dirtin' or dubbin', they've got a rim that's right.
More Info: 800/378-0007, www.mhtwheels.com

129 0512 13 z+2005 ttc prizes+exhaust

What It Is: A performance aftermarket exhaust system to replace the not-so-optimally-tuned stock setup on your truck.
Why It's Cool: Designed to provide maximum exhaust flow, systems such as this can provide increased horsepower and torque, and even improved fuel mileage.
More Info: 734/384-7806, www.dynomax.com

129 0512 14 z+2005 ttc prizes+electric fan

What It Is: An electric cooling fan designed to provide better engine cooling, longer water-pump life, improved A/C operation and less noise.
Why It's Cool: Electric in operation, the fan can improve rear-wheel horsepower by removing the parasitic drag of a belt-driven model.
More Info: 800/851-1510, www.flex-a-lite.com

129 0512 15 z+2005 ttc prizes+gibson exhaust

What It Is: An after-cat exhaust system, available in either aluminized or stainless finish, for better breathing and increased horsepower.
Why It's Cool: Mandrel bends ensure peak airflow, minimized backpressure, and they make your truck sound bitchin' too.
More Info: 951/372-1220, www.gibsonperformance.com

129 0512 16 z+2005 ttc prizes+fire extinguisher

What It Is: A Halon extinguisher that can handle virtually all types of vehicular fires.
Why It's Cool: It's been tested by our own "Neat Stuff" correspondent Jimmy Nylund, who swears you can blow out the candles on your birthday cake with it.
More Info: 415/945-0800, www.h3r.com

129 0512 17 z+2005 ttc prizes+suspension kit

What It Is: Complete suspension systems for raising your 4x4, including all brackets, crossmembers, linkages, blocks, U-bolts, and performance shock absorbers.
Why It's Cool: It's a Hecke-va lot easier to install bigger rubber and rims with one of these.
More Info: 800/222-7023, www.heckethorn.com

129 0512 18 z+2005 ttc prizes+cam shaft

What It Is: A flat-tappet camshaft with asymmetrical lobes designed to reduce noise and premature valvetrain failure while delivering more area under the power curve.
Why It's Cool: If the name isn't cool enough, an aftermarket cam is a near-must for wheelers looking to bump(stick) up their engine's power.
More Info: 901/365-0950, www.lunaticamshafts.com

129 0512 20 z+2005 ttc prizes+rally lights

What It Is: The latest incarnation of Holley's celebrated carb line, it's designed for four- and six-cylinder engines and tuned for the demands of four-wheeling.
Why It's Cool: It can handle 45-degree inclines and 30-degree sidehills without stalling or flooding, ideal for the Tank Trap.
More Info: 270/781-9741, www.holley.com

129 0512 19 z+2005 ttc prizes+carbueretor

What It Is: KC's latest performance off-road driving lights, available in either 130-watt halogen or ultrabright 35-watt HID beams.
Why It's Cool: Their pivoting base allows for flexible mounting, and with Lexan-coated lenses, they're said to be virtually unbreakable.
More Info: 928/635-2607, www.kchilites.com

129 0512 21 z+2005 ttc prizes+lmc truck certificate

What It Is: A gift certificate for $500 in LMC Truck parts and accessories. LMC Truck offers a wide variety of parts and accessories for Chevy Blazers or Ford Broncos.
Why It's Cool: You can choose from over 25,000 truck parts and accessories in LMC's catalog.
More Info: 800/562-8782, www.lmctruck.com

129 0512 22 z+2005 ttc prizes+dual exhaust

What It Is: Specifically designed for diesels, it's a turbo-back dual exhaust with 4-inch pipes and 5-inch-diameter tips.
Why It's Cool: More horsepower, more torque, it uses the stock hangers, and it looks and sounds killer.
More Info: 888/636-7223, www.mbrp.com

129 0512 23 z+2005 ttc prizes+car care products

What It Is: Waxes, polishes, glass cleaners, and tire cleaners utilizing the latest in space-age polymers to help fight corrosion and rust
Why It's Cool: After a mucky day in the Mud Pit, you'll be glad you've got these goodies at home.
More Info: 800/347-5700, www.meguiars.com

129 0512 24 z+2005 ttc prizes+winch

What It Is: MileMarker's newest electric unstucking device is available in either 12- or 24-volt applications and uses a 4.6hp motor
Why It's Cool: It uses 100 feet of 3/8-inch cable, beefier than the usual 5/16-inch.
More Info: 800/886-8647, www.milemarker.com

129 0512 43 z+2005 ttc prizes+nitto tires

What It Is: A choice of treads from either the Terra Grappler or Mud Grappler line.
Why It's Cool: They come in a wide variety of sizes now, from a 33x12.50 all the way to bling-a-ling 40x22s. Plus, they look cool and they work.
More Info: www.nittotire.com

129 0512 25 z+2005 ttc prizes+omf certificate

What It Is: Two-hundred and fifty clams towards goodies from OMF's catalog of high-quality aluminum 4x4 components.
Why It's Cool: You can get whatever you want with it!
More Info: 951/354-8272, www.omfperformance.com

129 0512 26 z+2005 ttc prizes+rock rawler domes

What It Is: Protection for your bead-lock bolts and outer rings come in the form of these cool bolt covers, which fit most 24-bolt bead-locked wheels.
Why It's Cool: It sure wouldn't hurt to have these in the Mini Rubicon.
More Info: 951/354-8272, www.omfperformance.com

129 0512 27 z+2005 ttc prizes+batteries

What It Is: Featuring Spiralcell technology for vibration resistance and extended cycle life, the Optima line has long been recognized as the wheeler's best friend for rigorous trail use.
Why It's Cool: Leakproof and spillproof, they're eco-friendly, and unlike humans, they never need water.
More Info: 888/867-8462, www.optimabatteries.com

129 0512 28 z+2005 ttc prizes+drive gears

What It Is: Drive gears to replace an existing 35-spline Dana 60 locking hub or drive-gear assembly.
Why It's Cool: They're heat-treated and CNC-machined from 4140 alloy steel, and come oxide- and wax-coated to resist corrosion.
More Info: 805/783-2060, www.polyperformance.com

129 0512 29 z+2005 ttc prizes+air systems

What It Is: A high-performance air system that uses a preset 160psi regulator, and flow rates of up to 31 cfm, for lightning-quick air-up speeds.
Why It's Cool: How about inflating a 35-incher from zero to 30 psi in 30 seconds?
More Info: 209/366-2163, www.powertank.com

129 0512 30 z+2005 ttc prizes+alternator

What It Is: A high-output alternator that'll allow you to keep your battery charged during heavy winching or when welding.
Why It's Cool: It's easy to install, and requires no special gauges or lights.
More Info: 970/963-8875, www.premierpowerwelder.com

129 0512 31 z+2005 ttc prizes+winch

What It Is: Ramsey's newest 12-volt winch, which features a beefy 5.5hp motor and a 9,500-pound capacity.
Why It's Cool: Synthetic winch rope-it's lighter, safer, and easier to handle.
More Info: 918/438-2760, www.ramsey.com

129 0512 32 z+2005 ttc prizes+rancho shocks

What It Is: Rancho's latest adjustable performance shock absorber.
Why It's Cool: It's nine-stage adjustable, has 15-stage valving, and yields 17 times greater fluid area than the previous 9000.
More Info: 734/384-7804, www.gorancho.com

129 0512 33 z+2005 ttc prizes+lightbar

What It Is: The Sleekster lightbar, which attaches directly to the vehicle's frame, requires no cutting or drilling, and is available in either chrome or powdercoat finishes.
Why It's Cool: Randy Ellis is a former Top Truck champion!
More Info: 602/803-1122, www.randyellisdesign.com

129 0512 34 z+2005 ttc prizes+jeep bumpers

What It Is: Stout and stylish front and rear tube bumpers for Jeep TJs.
Why It's Cool: The front allows installation of a winch, the rear is a swingaway model, and they improve your approach and departure angles too.
More Info: 800/280-GARD, www.safarigard.com

129 0512 35 z+2005 ttc prizes+skyjacker suspension

What It Is: A complete suspension lift kit from one of the industry's leading suspension manufacturers.
Why It's Cool: They make kits for just about every type of 4WD, from the Hummer H2 to the Honda Ridgeline. Brubaker can even lift his Escalade.
More Info: 318/388-0816, www.skyjacker.com

129 0512 36 z+2005 ttc prizes+spyderco knife

What It Is: State-of-the-art cutters with the trademark ClipIt hole, with handles ranging in materials from carbon-fiber to titanium to wood.
Why It's Cool: They make knives for all sorts of applications, including kitchen, marine, and (our favorite) martial arts.
More Info: 303/279-2229, www.spyderco.com

129 0512 45 z+2005 ttc prizes+stuf gift certificate

What It Is: Thirty good reasons to check out its line of carnauba-based waxes and car-care products.
Why It's Cool: Washes and waxes are always good to have after a day spent thrashing in the 'Trap.
More Info: 626/792-9560, www.stufproducts.com

129 0512 38 z+2005 ttc prizes+ford air dam

What It Is: A stylistic upgrade for Excursions and Super Dutys, it retains the factory tow hooks and can be painted to match your vehicle.
Why It's Cool: You get a pair of aftermarket foglights along with the air dam.
More Info: 574/862-4831, www.truckmasterdesigns.com

129 0512 39 z+2005 ttc prizes+intake

What It Is: A high-performance sealed air intake system that utilizes silicone couplers and a premium foam replacement filter.
Why It's Cool: They're available for most late-model 4x4s, including the new 5.4 Lincoln Mark LT.
More Info: 866/999-9098, www.trueflow.com

129 0512 40 z+2005 ttc prizes+tuff country lift

What It Is: A complete lift system for Fords, Chevys, Dodges, Jeeps, or Toyotas, including later-model vehicles.
Why It's Cool: Don't run 44s without one.
More Info: 800/288-2190, www.tuffcountry.com

129 0512 41 z+2005 ttc prizes+winch

What It Is: Warn's new aluminum-bodied 9,500-pound unstucker, with a thermometric indicator that allows you to monitor winch-motor temperature during operation.
Why It's Cool: Your chances of completing the 'Trap without one: Slim and none.
More Info: 800/910-1122, www.warn.com

129 0512 42 z+2005 ttc prizes+winch savers

What It Is: A handy metal donut that lets you stow your winch hook at the fairlead without metal-to-metal contact.
Why It's Cool: It can slide along the cable to act as a cable weight during winching.
More Info: 888/340-7681, www.winchsaver.com

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