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2005 Top Truck Challenge Prizes - The Prizes, Right

Air Compressor
Posted December 1, 2005

Nobody leaves TTC empty-handed-here's what our competitors took home

If there's anything we like better than watching the drama unfold at Top Truck Challenge each year, it's the last day of the event, when we hand out awards and prizes to all the contestants. After subjecting their rigs to a week's worth of vehicular torture, we figure the least we can do as a sign of gratitude is make sure everyone goes home with a smile on his face and a trailer-load of useful swag. This year, more than 40 sponsors and manufacturers stepped up to the plate with prizes (thanks to all, guys), ensuring that all who came and conquered at TTC XIII were amply rewarded for their efforts. Here's what they won:

What It Is: A hot new portable compressor that can generate up to 4 cfm and fill a 33x12.50 tire in under three minutes.
Why It's Cool: After surviving the Mini Rubicon, you might want one of these to re-inflate your rubber.
More Info: 714/556-5661,

What It Is: $500 worth of play money (except it's real), and it's good at any of 4Wheel Parts' more than 40 retail stores nationwide.
Why It's Cool: You can use it towards purchasing anything you want from them.
More Info: 877/474-4821,

What It Is: A nonwoven polyester element that filters out over 98 percent of airborne efficiency and particulates as small as one micron.
Why It's Cool: Under normal use, you will never need to oil it, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee.
More Info: 310/484-2322,

What It Is: Half a grand towards anything in the B&M product line, which includes performance transmissions and torque converters.
Why It's Cool: After a day in the Tank Trap, it may come in handy.
More Info: 818/882-6422,

What It Is: A brand-new ballmount that's available in tow ratings up to Class IV, and in two- and three-ball models.
Why It's Cool: It can be swiveled underneath the truck when you don't need it, improving departure angle and saving your shins from abuse.
More Info: 800/248-6564,

What It Is: An incab gauge cluster that allows you to monitor your diesel's turbo boost pressure, transmission temperature, and exhaust temp all at once.
Why It's Cool: Peak levels can be saved in memory and can be viewed after a dragstrip run, ideal for race applications.
More Info: 800/887-5030,

What It Is: A stouter-than-stock replacement steering shaft for rigs that see severe duty, whether you're towing, 'wheeling, or running larger tires.
Why It's Cool: They're an easy install, and come with a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty.
More Info: 860/482-8283,

What It Is: A selection of trail-tough parts from a leader in 4x4 body protection, including fender flares, bedrail and tailgate caps, and Trail Armor.
Why It's Cool: They're functional, and in most states you'll need those flares to stay legal with larger-than-stock tires.
More Info: 800/234-8920,

What It Is: Five hundred bucks towards anything in Cage's catalog, which includes competition-tested suspension packages for desert racing and rockcrawling.
Why It's Cool: You can start building your own Mini Rubicon-slayer with it.
More Info: 866/587-CAGE,

What It Is: Coleman's latest grille features adjustable burners, electronic ignition, and an X-shaped chassis that makes transporting easy.
Why It's Cool: Twin 10,000-Btu burners ensure fast cooking times for burger-mad wheelers after a day in the 'Trap.
More Info: 800/835-3278,

What It Is: An easy-to-install vacuum-formed replacement cover for old, cracked dashes.
Why It's Cool: They install in minutes, don't require extra trimming, and you don't need to remove your gauges.
More Info: 800/633-7090,

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