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2005 Top Truck Challenge

Ken Brubaker
| Senior Editor, Four Wheeler
Posted December 1, 2005
Photographers: The Four Wheeler Staff

Legendary action, a bit of drama ... and a few surprises

We're not sure who's crazier-us smart-alecks at Four Wheeler for devising the grueling Top Truck Challenge or the 10 competitors who actually show up with their 4x4s to compete in 92 hours of insanity in some of the worst terrain imaginable. Actually, the casual observer would probably say we're all nuts, but what do they know?

Since 1993, Top Truck Challenge has been held annually at the Hollister Hills SVRA outside of Hollister, California, and has dutifully evolved to mirror the changes in off-highway technology. With that said, we streamlined the event this year by retiring the acceleration, braking, mechanical, and ride and drive portions of the event, which gave us more time in the dirt. We also added a surprise event, which caught a few competitors off-guard.

The action and drama was as good as it gets, and it continues on the following pages.


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