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1998 GMC Sonoma - 2007 Top Truck Challenge Competitor

Drivers Side View
Ken Brubaker
| Senior Editor, Four Wheeler
Posted November 1, 2007
Contributors: Douglas McColloch
Photographers: Sean P. Holman

Militarized Sonoma

Mud is the prevalent obstacle in Missouri, so naturally Harmony Hills resident Jeff Miller built his rig to reign supreme in the gooey brown stuff. With gobs of horsepower, a stout drivetrain, and tires that are all business, he seems to have his game on. He's hoping his rig can show the Hollister Hills terrain a little Missouri misery.


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Owner name/city: Jeff Miller/DeSoto, Missouri
Vehicle model: '98 GMC Sonoma
Occupation: Small business owner
Engine/aspiration: 502ci V-8/770-cfm Holley Truck Avenger carburetor, 3-inch exhaust, Quickflow mufflers
Transmission: Turbo 400
Transfer case(s): Divorced GMC G506
Suspension (f/r): Military leaf springs/Rancho 4-inch-lift leaf springs
Axles (f/r):Eaton, full hydraulic steering, custom Driveshafts Unlimited driveshaft with 1410 U-joints/Eaton, Driveshafts Unlimited driveshaft with 1410 U-joints
Axle ratio: N/A
Wheels: 26x18 steel
Tires: 55x18.4-26 Goodyear R16