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Front Axle

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Good thing a picture paints a thousand words, because we'd need at least that many to fully describe the Hog's front underpinnings, but in a nut: Arvin-Meritor F-106 axle (equivalent of a 3-ton) stuffed with a Detroit and spinning 7.17:1s, Arctic Gear front driveshaft with High-Angle components, full hydro steering courtesy of an owner-fabbed 3-inch double-ended ram with 10-inch stroke, and twin power-steering pumps with Evolution steering links and Heim joints to tie it all together. The F-106 is located by a custom link suspension with (you'll never guess) Evolution links and Heim joints, and an axle-mounted link-assisted 2-inch sway bar. Twenty-six-inch-travel monster-issue Night Stalker shocks control jounce and rebound.