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2007 Top Truck Challenge Prizes - Looting Hollister

Posted December 1, 2007

Win Or Lose, Our TTC Competitors Don't Go Home Empty-Handed-Here's The Skinny On What They Won

With parts-busting obstacles such as the Frame Twister and Tank Trap, Top Truck Challenge could just as easily be called Top Truck Carnage. Few are the rigs that can survive the week without multiple breakages, and hey, we feel their pain. That's why we make sure all TTC competitors don't go home without plenty of cool aftermarket parts that they can bolt onto, or buy for, their rigs after the dust settles. This year, more than 40 sponsors and manufacturers contributed swag (thanks to all), ensuring that all who competed at TTC XV were suitably rewarded for their sacrifice. Here's what they hauled home:

4WD Products Portable Compressor
What It Is: A portable compressor that can fill a 33x12.50 tire in less than 3 minutes.
Why It's Cool: Wanna be the most popular guy on the trail? Get one of these, and everyone's your friend.
More Info: 714/556-5661,

$500 Gift Certificate from 4Wheel Parts Wholesalers
What It Is: $500 worth of swag at any of 4Wheel Parts' more than 40 retail stores nationwide.
Why It's Cool: You can use it towards purchasing anything you want from them.
More Info: 877/474-4821,

AEM Brute Force Air Intake
What It Is: A non-woven polyester element that filters out over 98 percent of airborne gunk.
Why It's Cool: Under normal use, you'll never need to oil it.
More Info: 310/484-2322,

Coleman Road Trip LXE Grille
What It Is: It uses adjustable burners, electronic ignition, and an X-shaped chassis for easy transport.
Why It's Cool: Twin 10,000Btu burners can cook up plenty of grub in quick time.
More Info: 800/835-3278,

ReadyLift Leveling Kit
What It Is: A simple suspension remedy for nose-heavy fullsize trucks.
Why It's Cool: It's an easy way to fit bigger wheels and tires without having to invest in an entire suspension kit.
More Info: 800/549-4620,

$500 Gift Certificate from Royal Purple
What It Is: A heckuva lot of free high-performance synthetic oil and lube.
Why It's Cool: What 'wheeler doesn't need frequent fluid and lube changes?
More Info: 888/382-6300,

Kinetik Audio Power Cell
What It Is: Audio competition-proven, it can bump your system's output to up to 180 decibels.
Why It's Cool: A 747 at takeoff only makes 140 db.
More Info:

Set of Ultra Wheels
What It Is: Bumpin' rims to indulge your Inner Dubsta. Pictured is the Goliath, the first 24 offered for eight-lug axles.
Why It's Cool: Goliath comes in other sizes too.
More Info: 800/321-4456,

$250 Gift Certificate from OMF
What It Is: Your ticket to goodies from OMF's catalog of high-quality aluminum 4x4 components.
Why It's Cool: You can get whatever you want with it!
More Info: 951/354-8272,

Optima Red Top batteries
What It Is: One of the wheeler's best friends for rigorous trail use.
Why It's Cool: They're leakproof, spillproof, eco-friendly, and they never need water.
More Info: 888/867-8462,

MileMarker 9.5 SX winch
What It Is: MileMarker's next-gen X Series winches feature a low-profile power pack, 12LED feedback, and illuminated remote control.
Why It's Cool: Ninety-five hundred pounds is what you need to yank out of the Frame Twister.
More Info: 800/886-8647,

Currie E-Z Deflator
What It Is: A quick and easy way to air down pronto at the trailhead.
Why It's Cool: Airing down and tire-pressure monitoring are a one-step process now.
More Info: 714/982-5300,

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