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Top Truck Challenge 2008 - Mini Rubicon

Mini Rubicon
Jason Gonderman
| Contributor
Posted June 1, 2008

The "Mini Rubicon"

Rocks. We like rocks. We hope you like rocks too because that's what the Mini Rubicon is all about, rocks. We piled together 125 feet of big ole nasty boulders and our Top Truck competitors have to beat the clock racing from one end to the other. Wondering what's the big deal? To make it even more challenging we've made the entrance and exits nasty, better watch your approach and departure angles, and we've dug out tire swallowing holes throughout the course. The Mini Rubicon is no joke... I can hear the sheet metal bending already!

To get all of the information on the competitors, how they did, and where they finished in the "Mini Rubicon" be sure to pick up the November and December issues of Four Wheeler Magazine available on news stands September 23rd 2008 and October 21st 2008, respectively. And don't forget to click back to for even more exclusive photos and video from Top Truck Challenge 2008!


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Be sure to check out Page 2 for even more exciting Mini Rubicon Action!

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