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2008 4x4 Truck Event Canada - Rumble On The Rocks

Posted in Events on February 1, 2009
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Dave Green of Red Deer, Alberta, held it down for the oil burners in the crowd. His "Road Kill" Cummins-powered monster buggy was the heaviest of the group, yet placed First in the high-speed trail run.

Last July, The Gear Centre group invited us up to the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Colombia, to witness first-hand a battle like no other in Canada's extreme motorsports history. The occasion was a collaboration of efforts put forth to establish a premier Canadian-based 4x4 competition, while also providing a venue where fans and event sponsors could get together to improve brand awareness. Lucky for us, the weather cooperated and allowed us the opportunity to secure some amazing action photography. The competition attracted some of Canada's most well-known enthusiasts, including ex-Top Truck Challenge competitor Don Henry and his massive exo-caged '85 GMC pickup.

There were 11 competitors for the event, which occurred on a Saturday and Sunday so that locals from the neighboring city of Kelowna, British Colombia, could enjoy the action. Day one consisted of side-by-side technical rock racing through an area of burnt-out forest. Day two encompassed a 5-mile-long high-speed trail ride where each team was given two opportunities to finish fastest. By the end of day two, more than half of the rigs were undriveable due to mechanical carnage.

The Gear Centre Group
The Gear Centre Group is the premier drivetrain rebuilder and parts manufacturer in Canada. The company specializes in manual transmissions, transfer cases, steering and driveline products, as well as its recent entry into the electric winch arena. The company is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, with more than 20 retail operations across the country. Since 1975, the company has grown dramatically with a continuous strategy of offering the highest level of product quality and exceptional customer service. We toured some of the facilities shortly after the Rumble on the Rocks event and can testify to the awesome infrastructure and manpower found within the many divisions of the company. Info: 800/661-8825,

More Info:
To see more info about the Rumble on the Rocks event, visit

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Tracy Graf of Red Deer, Alberta, wowed spectators when he attempted the second Bonus Line on day one of the competition. His '07 Hendrix tube chassis ended up finishing First in the rock race, yet was unable to run the following day due to a cracked transmission housing. Graf's all-aluminum Motown 427 small-block produces upwards of 570 hp and sounds like a monster truck. We encouraged Graf to enter TTC 2009, knowing full well that his rig has what it takes to make the cut.

Jamie Colbert shows off his incredible Modern 4x4 Motors-sponsored moon buggy while attempting the first Bonus Line on day one. Unfortunately, this rollover caused Colbert transmission issues that prevented him from competing in the high-speed competition on day two.

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