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2004 Jeep TJ, Rob Murphy - 2009 Top Truck Challenge Challengers

2004 Jeep Tj
Posted April 1, 2008

Challenger #7

Rob Murphy, Millmont, Pennsylvania
2004 Jeep TJ
Anyone want to see how a daily driver Jeep would fare against the big dogs?

Engine: Methanol-injected 4.6L Jeep stroker I-6, Avenger blower
Transmission: SM420
Transfer case: Klune with 2.7:1, flipped Dana 300 with 4:1 low range
Axles, f/r: Dana 60/Dana 60
Traction aids, f/r: Detroit Locker/Detroit Locker
Ratio: 5.86:1
Suspension, f/r: Four-link, 16-inch Fox coilovers/Four-link, 14-inch Fox coilovers
Tires: 47-inch LTBs
Special Features: T-Max 10,000-pound winch, crossover high-steer, stretched wheelbase, full exocage, fiberglass half cab, Staun beadlocks, Mean Green alternator, Banks header, Centerforce clutch, Rhino-Lined interior.
Driver Experience: 15 years