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2009 Top Truck Challenge 4x4 Parts Prizes - Sultans Of Swag

Posted in Events on December 1, 2009
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Top Truck Challenge could just as easily be called Waterboarding for Wheelers. Events such as the Twister, the Trap, and the Mini-'Con wreak havoc on axles, drivetrains and gearboxes, and nearly every competitor will cart home a boxful of broken parts by the end of the competition week. We can't fix every component that breaks on their rigs, but fortunately, we can make sure that all TTC competitors go home with plenty of cool aftermarket parts and products that they can bolt onto, or buy for, their rigs. This year, some two-dozen sponsors and manufacturers contributed goodies (thanks to all), ensuring that all who competed at TTC XVII were suitably rewarded for their sacrifices. Here's what they got for their efforts:

Spidertrax Spider 9 Axle Housing
What It Is: A super-strong yet lightweight alternative to conventional Dana 60s.
Why It's Cool: You can custom-build it with a variety of shafts, knuckles, bearings, and brakes.
More Info: 800/286-0898,

Gift Certificates from BDS
What It Is: $150, $100, and $50 worth of goodies for our top three finishers.
Why It's Cool: They can use it to lift or level a truck, or to purchase a new Jeep bumper.
More Info: 517/279-2135,

Warn Pullzall Portable Winch
What It Is: A handy shop helper that can hoist 1,000 pounds for up to 15 feet.
Why It's Cool: Either electric or rechargeable battery-powered versions are available.
More Info: 800/912-1122,

$750 Gift Certificate from 4Wheel Parts Wholesalers
What It Is: An easy way to cash in at any one of 4Wheel Parts' more than 40 retail stores nationwide.
Why It's Cool: Actually, there are 750 reasons why it's cool!
More Info: 877/474-4821,

Gift Certificates from Amsoil
What It Is: $400, $200, and $100 dollars' worth of lubrication goodness for our Top Three finishers.
Why It's Cool: Gearboxes need all the help they can get after spending a half hour in the Trap.
More Info: 800/956-5695,

Lokar One Shifters
What It Is: A performance tranny shifter available in a variety of lengths and applications.
Why It's Cool: You can't get outta Neutral without one.
More Info: 877/469-7440,

Set of BFGoodrich Radial Mud-Terrain KM2s
What It Is: Goodrich's premium off-road tread.
Why It's Cool: A set of free tires? What's not cool about that?
More Info: 877/788-8899,

Warn Endurance 12.0 Winch
What It Is: Twelve thousand pounds of pulling capacity at your fingertips.
Why It's Cool: Its cooling fan is specially designed to prevent overheating.
More Info: 503/722-1200,

Poly Performance Gift Certificates
What It Is: $150 reasons to shop for new gear for your rig.
Why It's Cool: If it bolts in or on an off-road rig, you'll likely find the part you need there.
More Info: 805/783-2060,

Hobart Airforce 400 Plasma Cutter
What It Is: An economical cutting system for all conductive metals.
Why It's Cool: It'll handle everything from 1/8-inch copper to 3/8-inch steel.
More Info: 800/626-9420,

Set of 37-inch Pitbull Tires
What It Is: A set of rugged bias-plies from a leader in off-road tire technology.
Why It's Cool: With rim guards and puncture-resistant sidewalls, they're handy in the Mini-Rubicon.
More Info: 314/621-8954,

Hobart Handler 210 MIG Welder
What It Is: A portable MIG that can handle 3/8-inch steel down to 24-gauge wire.
Why It's Cool: It packs 210 amps of output in an easy-to-transport case.
More Info: 800/626-9420,

Set of Mickey Thompson 37-inch Tires
What It Is: A set of treads from the maker of the new 54-inch Baja Claw TTC tire.
Why It's Cool: A set of free tires? Is there anything cooler?
More Info: 800/222-9092,

Borla Gift Certificate
What It Is: 50 percent off on any Borla after-cat exhaust system.
Why It's Cool: A freer-flowing exhaust can improve power, and sounds cool, too!
More Info: 877/GO-BORLA,

Hobart Ironman 250 MIG Welder
What It Is: A handy MIG welder with an easy-to-control arc.
Why It's Cool: It welds 22-gauge up to 1/2-inch steel in one simple pass.
More Info: 800/626-9420,

Revel Enterprises Gift Certificate
What It Is: Entrée to a leading automotive mail-order source.
Why It's Cool: Two hundred and fifty reasons to go shopping for truck parts.
More Info: 800/544-6194,

Warn XD9000 Winch
What It Is: One of the most popular 9,000-pound winches on the planet.
Why It's Cool: An integrated control pack and all-metal housing help to protect its electrics from damage.
More Info: 503/722-1200,

Leatherman e33t Knife
What It Is: A lightweight, high-quality folding knife.
Why It's Cool: Their 154CM blades stay sharp three times longer than conventional blades.
More Info: 503/253-7826,

Hobart XVP Professional Welding Helmet
What It Is: A variable shield helmet for your home shop.
Why It's Cool: It's always cool to be safe when welding.
More Info: 800/626-9420,

Leatherman Serac S2 Flashlight
What It Is: A handy mini-flashlight that fits in your pocket.
Why It's Cool: Weighs barely more than an ounce but outputs 35 lumens of light.
More Info: 503/253-7826,

Volant Cold-Air Intake System
What It Is: A cold-air intake for improved flow, horsepower and torque.
Why It's Cool: The filter is said to provide up to 99.99-percent filtration.
More Info: 909/476-7225,

K&N Air Intake System
What It Is: An aftermarket bolt-on kit to aid with aspiration.
Why It's Cool: They can add horsepower, and the filter element never needs replacing.
More Info: 800/858-3333,

Flex-a-lite Radiator
What It Is: An aluminum crossflow radiator with an internal-fin design.
Why It's Cool: Light in weight, easy to install, and improves heat dissipation.
More Info: 800/851-1510,

King of The Hammers DVD
What It Is: Wall-to-wall action at the mother of all desert rock races.
Why It's Cool: It's the next best thing to being there.
More Info:

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