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Fabulous Fords Forever 2011

Posted in Events on August 1, 2011
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When you pick up a copy of Petersen’s 4-Wheel & Off-Road magazine it’s almost always all dirt, rocks, mud, and tech. However, we occasionally hit a few non–off-road shows to see how the other side of the automotive world ticks. Recently we attended the 26th Annual Fabulous Fords Forever event at Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California.

The event showcased a milestone year for Ford, as 2011 marks significant anniversaries for Bronco, Econoline, Pinto, and Pantera. This year is the 45th year of the Ford Bronco, 50th year of the Econoline, and 40th year of the Pinto and Pantera. We know you can’t take most of these vehicles off-road, but they are still cool to look at.

While attending the show we got to know and chat with lots of automotive enthusiasts and techies.

The event drew hundreds of vehicles and thousands of enthusiasts and spectators to ogle over each other’s early Broncos, hot rods, and other vehicles from 1903 to 2011. This was also the perfect occasion to bring out our 2009 Ultimate Adventure Ford Super Duty, which is always a hit wherever it goes!

For information on next year’s event visit

If any one of us could have a cool car hauler, this truck would be it. The old Gilmore Oil hauler stood out at the show and drew a huge crowd most of the day.

Our 2009 Ultimate Adventure Ford F-250 Super Duty, built by Offroad Design in Carbondale, Colorado, still turns heads wherever it goes. The truck was a hit at Fabulous Fords Forever with young and old four-wheeling enthusiasts alike. The kids loved to climb all over it, while a number of lucky fans sat inside for pictures.

So we had to throw in the complimentary photo of the Pinto since it’s the cars 40th anniversary. Many of us have fond memories of the cars because our family members, wives, and girlfriends had them. They were a good source of transportation back then, and the brunt of many a joke! I guess now we would have to consider them a classic.

It was easy to fall in love with this ’66 Roadster. It came with the Custom Accessories Package, which gave it chrome bumpers, bright metal taillight bezels, a cigarette lighter, a limited-slip rear differential, and a number of other cool appointments. 4,090 ’66 Roadsters were manufactured.

Fabulous Fords Forever draws a huge number of early Broncos every year, around 130. We highly recommend the event for Bronco aficionados. Every type of Bronco can be found here, from fully modified off-road machines to classic restorations and race Broncos.

We are trying to talk Technical Editor Fred Williams into converting his early project Ford into a hauler like this monster cargo truck so he can haul all our junk around!

There were many cool old F-series trucks like this ’70s F-250 at the event, and they reminded us of past and present projects we owned. We recommend hitting this kind of event when you’re working on any project vehicle, they are a great place to picks up ideas and tips on how to fix old iron.

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