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Group Of 1941 Bantam Brc40s

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The Superstars of the event were four ’41 Bantam BRC40s. These prestandardized Bantams are extremely rare. Each has a history. The two on the left are held by the Butler Country Historical society and were restored by the local Bantam jeep Guru, Lee Bortmas. The one on the left was found locally in a bad state and restored using parts from another basket case. Second from the left is the factory service truck. It was built from leftover bits and pieces after Bantam jeep production was stopped, used as a factory service truck, and taken home by a Bantam exec when the company shut down. Next is Art Goodrich’s BRC, winner of First Place in the Bantam category of the show-and-shine. On the far right is a Bantam with a regal past. Not only was it used by the British 8th Army fighting Rommel in North Africa, after its return to England in 1943 it ended up on the Queen of England’s Estate in Balmoral, Scotland, and was used by the game keeper there. After its retirement, it was purchased and restored by an English