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Chevy Ls Engine

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Under the hood, tucked behind tubing, a 7.4L Chevy LS-based engine rumbles. It’s built with a custom intake and operates using a Dailey Engineering dry sump system. Custom engine plates and the serpentine belt setup were machined by Meziere Enterprises. Behind the big-block is a Fortin Racing FRST4 four-speed sequential gearbox running a 1.2:1 reduction ratio. Unlike the typical GM TH400 with a 1:1 output gear, the Fortin allows the AGM team to run a taller rear-end gear ratio for greater pinion strength. The Fortin gearbox is driven by a torque converter tuned by Schaeffler Group, one of the team sponsors. Hot gases are dumped through custom Remus Performance exhaust on each side of the truck.