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Twisted Andes Adventure 2013 - Day 4

Twisted Andes Adventure 2013 Day 4  4  La Cevada Trail.JPG
Rick Péwé
| Four Wheeler Network Content Director
Posted September 23, 2013
Photographers: Rick Péwé

Treacherous Trails through Fields of Boulders

Our Twisted Andes Adventure continues down South in Chile, but not before a great road day. Our contingent of 23 rigs has lost a few as the tranny went out in the Tacoma of Isaias Diaz. Stuck in fifth gear, he found a used one and swapped it out in a parking lot while the rest of us motored on.

Our goal was a rock trail founded by Sebastian Varas and scouted for this trip. While only a few miles long, it starts on cobbles and finishes on boulders the size of pickups. It's a rock crawlers paradise with multiple lines and degrees of difficulty.

The La Cevada trail is in a wash right off the main highway. It starts easy and quickly morphs into a giant killer. The damage count included an axle shaft U-joint, front axle, rear axle, clutch, oil pan, gas tank, steering arm, and more.

We scratched, skidded, crawled, and broke as we finished the trail and made our way to the next campsite by midnight, complete with a fire during the Chilean Holiday. What better way to end a long day of epic wheeling and freezing temperatures than with a nice warm campfire basking under the seemingly endless stars.


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