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2005 4x4 Trucks Mud Races Missouri - Missouri Mud Bog

Gmc Truck Mud
Jerrod Jones | Writer
Posted November 1, 2005

Mud 'N' Rain 'N' Shine

The Mid Missouri Off Roaders out of St. Louis came up with a great way to not only find an excuse to get together and do some muddin', but also to raise funds to adopt some families during the holidays, sponsor a scholarship for a local senior's college endeavor, and even help out a Little League team! And all the while, they just do what they want to do anyway: run in the mud and run the local mud bogs. Early in June, we were able to catch up with them in Marthasville, Missouri, thanks to Jim Ott, club member and MMOR Web site builder, who took the time out of his schedule to cart us out to the races for a typical rain and shine (it changes every five minutes in Missouri) weekend at the mud bogs. For more information, visit MMOR at


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