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Ford Bronco Bash - Rock Crawling 4x4 Show

Front Passenger Side View
Michael Vanvakaris | Writer
Posted September 1, 2006
Photographers: Trent Riddle

Running the Hammers at the 40th Anniversary

Some anniversaries just have to be celebrated, especially milestones like the 40th year of the Early Bronco. The Early Bronco Registry (EBR) is the oldest and largest organization dedicated to any-thing and everything that is Early Bronco. This past May they held a birthday bash for the Bronco in Southern California. Although the organization is dedicated to the Classic or Early Bronco ('66-'77), all types of Broncos were welcome.

Of course, no 4x4-related affair would be complete without trail rides. The plan called for easy, moderate, hard, and extreme trail rides to be run over the three days of the event. Trips took place on trails in Big Bear; at Calico; and in Johnson Valley, home of the Hammer Trails. Of course, we decided to check out the extreme happening on Claw Hammer and Sledgehammer Trails.

For those not familiar with the Hammer Trails, they are strewn with boulders of all sizes and shapes, some as big as the Broncos themselves. When you combine this with vehicles that are relatively stock, the trail gets quite interesting. From the start the trip had Broncos bucking over boulders and creeping past chasms. This was the extreme run of the day and slow going was to be expected. After about five hours of struggling, laughing, rock tossing, and winching in the boulder-strewn canyon, the dedicated group of Bronco owners reached the end. A great evening of camp repairs by both groups was needed before the next day's run.


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