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The Moyie Mud Bog - Trucks

Posted in Events on September 1, 2006
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Man, you just can't help but have a good time at the Moyie Mud Bog. Between the big trucks, the mud, the rowdy crowd, and the cute girls, it's just about the most entertainment we canhandle without training for it first. If you've been with us since 2003, you might remember this event as Krejci's Mud Bog, but Mike Krejci has since taken a spectator seat at the event, and now just goes to enjoy the festivities. Since you last read about this mud bog it has grown to entertain more than 7,000 people this year, and with the help of Congressman Skip Brandt, has expanded to allow camping on the nearby state land to give campers more room to sprawl out and relax for the weekend of mud bogs, rockcrawling, trailriding, beverage consuming, mud wrestling, and girl-gawking that every great American deserves to enjoy. It was personified by what our friend described, with a matter-of-fact tone in her voice, "This weekend's all about mullets and pit bulls. Yep, mullets and pit bulls...." We're not sure about the mullets, but there sure were a lot of mohawks being sported that weekend. It was like some sort of punker/redneck hybrid crowd that we've never seen before. Sweet.

The weekend started on Friday afternoon with it following well into Sunday, but interrupted by a night's dark sky and a giant bonfire at the end of each day. At almost dawn while some were just starting to scratch their heads and shake off morning-after headaches, you could hear the big-blocks howling across the fields, and smell the wafting race gas hanging in the air. That's the kind of good time we like to have. It's held every year in Moyie Spring on Mother's Day weekend. If you get lost on the way, just ask a local; it's the biggest event all year for miles around.

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