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2007 Ultimate Adventure Texas Adventure - Cowboy Style

2007 Jeep Jk Wrangler
Fred Williams
| Brand Manager, Petersen’s 4Wheel & Off Road
Posted December 1, 2007
Photographers: The 4-Wheel & Off-Road Staff

Part 2: Big Rocks In The Big State

Texas-the home of rugged cowboys, beautiful cheerleaders, awesome terrain, and the 2007 Ultimate Adventure. Last month we told you about how we convoyed around this great state and some of the unique places where our group of 18 trail-prepped 4x4s were tested against mud, dirt, and gravity. This month we return with Part 2 of Ultimate Adventure where the terrain got even harder.

But first a refresher. Ultimate Adventure is a weeklong off-road trip, attended by our magazine staff, a handful of advertisers, another handful of selected readers, and a couple returning cronies who we drag along each year for entertainment. This event is staged to showcase our off-road spirit by living out of our 4x4s for one week and using said vehicles to explore a different part of the country each year. We usually visit three or four states and about the same number of trails. This year we only made it to Texas, but while there we covered some 800 miles and visited five wheeling locales. Oh, and by the way, we usually rough it, camping in the dirt most nights, driving our trail rigs (no trailers) and following each trail day with a long or short trip on the tarmac to the next trail day. On this trip your rig has to be street-legal or at least street-capable and have enough room for all your gear, and when the going gets rough, remember rule number one: No whiners.

This year we started at Barnwell Mountain in Gilmer for some dirt climbs and deep V-notches. Then we cruised over to General Sam's Off-Road Wilderness Park outside of Huntsville, where the trails got muddy and our posse got cruddy. Of course if you picked up last month's issue you already know this. If you didn't, go see if the local newsstand still has a copy of our Nov. '07 rag, and then check out


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This month we'll cover the last three stops of UA '07, each the home of some very cool rockcrawling trails. As many of you know, rockcrawling has been booming across the nation within the off-road industry, but it's certainly not easier on vehicles than any other terrains. We had broken axles, busted suspensions, and rollovers galore, and it definitely wasn't nice and cool when we had to drag out the tools. In fact, most days the temps were broiling and the humidity made you sweat just thinking about it. But you know what they say: The worst day wheeling with broken 4x4s in hot and humid weather with little bugs crawling down your socks is still better than going to the office.

One last thing: If this trip seems like your dream vacation, then find the application at and it may be you and your 4x4 coming along for the adventure next summer.


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Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area
Gilmer, Te
Longview Driveshaft & 4x4
Longview, Te
Brutal Off Road
Cline Ranch
General Sams Off Road Wilderness Park
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